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  1. Solid guy, good pilot and great mentor!! Cheers Dave!!
  2. How are you making out Lineworker?
  3. I agree on the fuel pump, but would try the fuel nozzle first simply because its easier. I had a C20R that wouldn't start and had poor power checks from a nozzle that by all accounts sprayed fine and was visually fine. I don't think it's the compressor because your n1 isn't screaming high and the discharge tube would give you a poor power check but not likely a droop. I'd be curious to hear the end result as well
  4. Thanks for being open to discussion. I also appreciate a good dialogue. Do I think you should be grandfathered through? No, I am sorry but they are (in my opinion) just not the the same beastie. What I do believe, and I think it should be for all endorsements based on the quality of some of the type courses I've had. I believe that for all endorsements we should be able to be signed of by an engineer showing proper training and currency who has shown that he/she has provided us with proper training and a good overall knowledge of the aircraft or part. I have had a few really t
  5. Hey Just wanted to say that while the machines do look similar and many of the components are the same, there really are as many differences as there are similarities. I wrench the D/Es and was given my 520 endorsement when I took the 600 course due to experience and long time endorsement on the D/E as well as experience and endorsement on the 600. I currently wrench on D/E, 520 and 600 and am glad to have the course. Certainly there was a lot of review but my 600 was a far superior course to the one I took for the 500. The anti torque system on the notar really is like nothing else you will
  6. I got a C47 course from Bob. Great guy and full of knowledge! A major loss to the industry and the world!
  7. There is no retirement life for Torque Events on anything. That number is just used for Torque event inspections (as well as 35 hours whichever comes first) and that is only after 13720 TE AND 750 hrs although it is recommended to do the inspection from new. Torque events are also used in calculating RINs on the M/R Driveshaft on 369/500/600 Fan Driveshaft and M/R Blades on the 600. 1 000 000 Rins and they are toast. What you are refering is the 600 that was replacing blades half life due to experience with his type of work. Does not hurt to be cautious.
  8. The last blade made MD was the -523 and had ribs out near the leading edge strip. The finishing of the blade was fairly decent and it was a good performer accept for the cracking issue. When HTC came out with the 500P2100-101 (which was also sold by MD as a 369# due to the fact that when Boeing left them on their own to die they took the blade capabilities with them) the all round finishing was horrible. The machining on the roots was bad , the bonding was messy and the leading edge strip sat really high off the surface of the blade allowing the air to spoil as it passed ove the surface. As we
  9. All are used on 500s .Top one is O/R Clutch and T/R coupling wrench, Middle is Rolls Royce Idle adjust wrench and the bottom is a common screw driver with the bend shown that works very good for removing striker plates and popping out seals .
  10. Not really an arguement iIwant to take part in,but , I would like to say that my feeling is that we are all in it for the same reasons. The main one from my point of view is that we are all passionate about the field we chose which ever end of the long line that is. I just want to get home and see my wife and kids at the end of the shift, make a decent check, work hard , go on the odd fishing trip in places most people don't get to see and enjoy spending time with the people I call friends. I can think of a few pilots and engineers that don't fit in that group I call friends but for the most p
  11. Two more of OHS the day we rolled her out of the shop for the first time.
  12. Hi Give E&B a call in Campbell River. They may be able to help.
  13. Having taken the correspondence route I wouldn't necessarily call it the softer route however it is much cheaper. I found that it did leave a few holes in areas such as electrical and fuel systems so it is up to you to do so further learning. It also takes some drive to stay on course. That said, I found it better for me because already had the job, as well as a house and kids that I was not prepared to leave for 18 months. Also, most of what I really needed to know I learned on the job and previous experienses filled in some of the holes I was talking about. I think that the old saying "diffe
  14. I thought the only dumb question was the one you should have asked before your machine started to smoke. I don't care if I hear or in this case read the same things over and over as long as He or She gets it whatever it is . I am sure that I have probably worked with or around several members on this site and wondered to myself where the professionalism is. You guys make me sick . Don't forget that you may sometime have to cross shift with someone that asked you the same question over and over and you were too busy or thought you were too good to answer. I may not post alot on here but I post
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