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  1. It will get better. Take the good with the bad. Just remember to save up so your able to ride out the slow times.
  2. Saifan Pilot, i've got that same sticker, but i'm unclear on what size it is, it looks to me like it lists 3 sizes, L,XL,XXL
  3. I need to order parts for my bucket. But don't know what size the shell is. Anyone know how to figure out shell size for a gallet?
  4. Found a personal life raft. Looks neat. Could be handy for us costal guy's, flying over lots of water. http://www.switlik.com/aviation/isplr/features
  5. Ment no disrespect to the people that work there, sorry. I'm just not fond of some of the business ethics the owner undertakes. I'll think twice before i hit "post" next time. Hope no one was injured in the incident.
  6. I believe when things like this happen to companies like that its called "karma"
  7. Yes it is true, it happened in the wild horses hanger. fell off the jacks, rolled over and took out another 205 beside it on it's way.
  8. Does anyone here have any experience with a rotorway 600? Wondering what you guys think of them.
  9. This is so, so true. In 10 years i haven't meet one pilot that will stop at 1/2 mile.
  10. I have no idea the workings of VIH. I've never actually heard anyone talk about their rates. I've never heard anyone say good things about them, or for that matter bad things. I get the impression you were hinting at something though? Do tell. It's good to hear that mustangs got competitive pay. Makes things allot better for us bus drivers.
  11. Last season here in Stewart. It wasn't 900. It was something between 900-1000 I can't Remember the exact amount. I would think that seems bad for everyone. But maybe that's the point. From what I understand mustang has made a large presence on eastern canada and done the same thing as well.
  12. It's no rumor. I'm just curious, how many people will go to mustang from vih. What's got me worried is mustang giving away a B2 for 900 something a hour. I don't imagine the pilots are getting top dollar, if the machines are generating that little revenue. Myself, I'm worried that mustang will come in with those low rates, wipe out the local operators that pay their employees well. Cause they are giving away machine's at half the rate they should be at, and then we all end up working at the walmart of helicopters, for minimum wage.
  13. I don't work for great slave but I've worked right beside them, for the same customer, and i get complaints every day about my 5 page thick ticket book. and how great the digital copies are. personal I think we should all be going to the digital one's. they are great. well done, to who ever made it. Now start selling it to the other operates.
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