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  1. Check this out: http://www.skyhookhlv.com/
  2. Aircraft does not comply with its type certificate H1SW. Specifically the cerfication basis section which lists CAR 7 amendments 7-1 through 7-4 Cat B along with some special conditions. CAR section 7.611 states there should be a rate of climb indicator at each pilot station with minimum practicle deviation from his normal position and line of vision when he is looking out and forward along the flight path. It would appear the VSI has been replaced with a Hobbs meter at the PIC's station. :up: :up: :up:
  3. Want to buy the wreck? http://www.aigaviation.com/salvage/N44094/SalvageN44094.aspx
  4. It appears your company should review its elementary work training which includes fuelling and or the supervision of refuelling as required by Transport Canada. Its nice to learn this stuff before hand and not by your mistakes.
  5. Wanted to know the going rate these days for dry leasing a 206BIII. Thanks for your input.
  6. This goes without saying, but essentially this note says we have an E and S rating on our licenses, although it's not printed on it. So why would somebody interested in avionics or structures not take the M course and then work for a structures or avionics shop after school? When it comes time to apply for their license write the extra exams and get the M1 and M2 license. Now they have all the ratings rather than just an E or S leaving some options open if they get tired of the sound of rivet guns or pulling wire.
  7. Information Note: Individuals who hold both an M1 and M2 rating will not be issued any additional ratings (e.g. E or S ratings), as those privileges are already held within the scope of the combined M1/M2 rating privileges." Are there others out there like myself who have the M1 and M2 rating on their license this would apply to, but have never taken a sheet metal or avionics course nor have any previous work experience (other than field repairs) in these areas?
  8. Transport Canada shows C-FAHA was manufactured in 1966, perhaps it was a different 204 working the polar shelf in 63? http://www.tc.gc.ca/aviation/activepages/c.../en/history.asp The reg C-FAHB belongs to an Alpine 212 now.
  9. The most amazing sound I've ever heard was Transwest's 214 with the ST nodals in it that one of their pilots would 'cruise' very low at 150 knots. It almost hurt your ears and I know it killed a few chickens. No compaison to any other helicopter.
  10. Everything goes in cycles, the old guys you speak of know this very well. Right now things are booming; ten years from now we will most likely be at the bottom or just climbing out of a major down swing in the industry. The weak will have been eliminated and the strong will survive. I seem to remember a company in Prince George that bought up a bunch of companies and then went public. It was amazing how cheap they could go when it was the shareholders money at risk. Not to long after they went belly up when the industry was on some hard times MMMM........
  11. Wow, looks like KD found himself a new job already!
  12. For all you professional helicopter video critics you are gonna love this website: http://www.griffin-helicopters.co.uk/videos/ Check out the Astar reverses into an EC120 video, good for a chuckle.
  13. After reading the previous posts I can see why companies are having a hard time finding qualified people. All the wages listed with the exception of BR's are far too LOW. It seems some people are working for much less than they are worth giving the companies they work for the wrong perception what the rest of us are worth. I wouldn't blame anybody for laughing and hanging up the phone after being offered some of the wages listed here. Since the day I was licensed a few years ago I have never worked on anything smaller than a 204 and never made less than 80k a year both pool and cont
  14. Bell214, This is a Bell 214A. Couple of tips are the lack of emergency exits in the sliding doors, and the pitot tube on the roof. Bell did not produce any 214B's until 1976. This could be the 214A Transwest got their hands on and are converting to a B?
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