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  1. Do you mean lose the Localizer or the Glide Slope because if I lost the Glide Slope on a Localizer approach I would do nothing because it is not required since they are step down non-precision approaches. If I lost the Localizer and there was no other approach I could easly transition onto I would inform ATC and commence the Missed Approach chances are they would just give you a vector for another approach. Cheers Chopper76
  2. Lost for words, One of the greatest guys I have ever met in the industry, gave me my first job in this industry and always pushed me to become better. You will be greatly missed! Dean
  3. I did my IFR rating at Pro IFR and they sent me a tax form in the mail and was able to write off the cost. If my memory serves me correct I was only able to write off a certain % each year.
  4. Hey SuddenStop you sound like one of those guys that call in noise complaints when I use to fly into Childrens Hospital with a sick baby on board at 0300. Why is it some people only like to post negative events, how soon people forget about all the lives both Helijet and ORNGE have saved throught the years!!!!! Yes it was a very unfortunate inncident but we can all learn from it! We should all be glad that the pilots, paramedics and all the ground crew made home to their families that night and the poor patient in the back made it to the hospital to get the treatment they required.
  5. I could not agree with Coffeelover anymore, the old website had a hard time loading in West Africa I can only imagine how slow this new and improved website will load. But the website is really nice great job to all at Vertical!
  6. East Africa lucky you, try West Africa, now that is a real treat! Here are a few pointers you should try to follow. 1. Try to route your flight through Frankfurt Airport, and not Paris which is a total headache, by far the worst airport on the planet. 2. Find out if the country you are headed has malaria (most do) and if so take Malarone, do not think you are a super hero, I have seen many a pilot and engineer, who thought they were never going to get it and they ended up face down on the floor and the lucky ones made it home before they ended up in the hospital, unless you really wan
  7. Willow Handle Lake NWT. Great log cabins with wood burning stoves, lake full of trout, 4 hot showers, washer and dryer, sat internet and great food!!! I give it 4.5 stars the only problem was the 2 out-houses without doors were placed on the out skirts of camp on a game trail so at night you could be given a surprise visit!
  8. You may want to bring some meds for motion sickness. I myself experienced a little bit the last time I was down there, but I know some pilots who have experienced some severe motion sickness while in the sim. Have fun and like what Deuce said above get ready to learn!
  9. I did the trip a couple of years ago from Golden BC to to Chibougamau PQ in a B2. The route I took was Brandon CYBR, Winnipeg CYWG (did not need to stop but stopped to spend the night with family), Kenora CYQK, Thunderbay CYQT, Geraldton CYGQ, Kapuskasing CYYU, Matagami CYNM and then off to Matagami. If you would like the rest of the route past Manitoba let me know. I never had a problem getting fuel, but like I said it was a couple of years ago. Good luck and have fun!!!
  10. Ryan, Whats wrong with just looking out the window? What you see is what you get.
  11. I was there about 5 months ago and they had 4 Sk76's based there, I have not heard about the status of the base yet, but I;m keeping my fingers crossed. Cell phones and most of the internet are banned due to the government so getting any type of information from them will be very difficult.
  12. Ryan, I also use the same type Skullcap posted and I am very happy with it. The design is not too big and it will keep your head above water. How is the AA treating you?
  13. I also am looking for flight manuals for the 206L-2-3-4 and also for the AS350. If someone could PM on where I could find them it would really help me out. Thank you C76
  14. I also have taken a job in the arctic, what are your opinions about Sorel Glacier boots rated for -74.
  15. Your right for 724 ops you are required to carry 30 mins of reserve for night and IFR unless things have changed since my transport PPC last month.
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