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  1. We are getting 3 hr mins non averaged at this outfit for sitting in the bush all day which isn't enough in my opinion, however it's work right now, Transcanada pipeline seems to be the only work around right now . I couldn't imagine doing it for 2 hrs averaged,
  2. I came across an article not too long ago about commercial pilots, whether fixed wing or rotory who may have depression or anxiety, and refrain from telling their doctors because they know if they go on medication to help them have a better quality of life , they would lose their medicals, and therefore not able to work a job they love and provide for their families. So as a result they "suffer in silence". I thought this would be an interesting topic, so lets hear everyone's feedback and opinions on this, shall we.
  3. I was just there yesterday to get fuel, noticed the Astar in the hanger at the fuel station, really sad. My condolences to the families and friends affected.
  4. I don't have a press release to paste, or proof, however, from a good source, vih did not get bought, but Mustang bought 12 aircraft and one of there north coast bases.
  5. That's such an ignorant arguement, you can say the same for most helicopters when an engine failure occurs. Typical low life lawyer............. not all of them, don't want to over generalize.
  6. Columbia Helicopter, of Aurora, OR receives a $17.1 million task order for rotary wing aircraft, personnel, equipment, tools, material, maintenance and supervision necessary to perform passenger and cargo air transportation services in Afghanistan from July 1/11 to Oct 31/11. This contract was a competitive acquisition, with 4 bids received by the USTRANSCOM Directorate of Acquisition at Scott AFB, IL (HTC711-11-D-R021). Columbia made its name in heli-logging, but the logging industry is pretty quiet right now in the western USA. They operate civilian BV-107 (CH-46 Sea Knight) and BV-234
  7. Stewart can be a very challenging area to fly in, this can happen to any of us, my sincere condolences to the family and friends of the pilot and passengers involved. A really sad day indeed. W.
  8. And remember, the last thing a customer wants to hear is "oops". lol. Its a good idea whenever your sittin around waiting for your customer, get out that poh and refresh yourself with numbers and limitations, you should be absolutely confident and familiar with the aircraft you are flying in regards to its limitations, optional equipment list and supplements sec, because they may have different procedures and limits as well. Above all, before anything a good DI and fuel sample is a great way to start the day.........
  9. Thanks Winnie and ____________, in my current situation it would be the Hatra, and I was on the transport site and found a study guide that tells you what topics will be covered, not an actual study guide though, never heard of any practice exams besides the ones that certain schools in the west coast use. However this study guide tells you what topics and the cars reference to them, so I guess i will study on my computer for cars and use the AIM for the rest. Looks like alot of info to go over which is good, being a bush pilot has made me a little lazy in that department, but totally my fault
  10. so guys, will studying the aim be enough for the hatra exam, i can't find any info, or specific topics that i should study for the exam. Not looking for a free answer, just any advice in the write direction. Cheers............
  11. Thanks guys, its definately something I am considering, being a family man and working a 4 and 2 up northern alberta is something i don't want to be doing forever. However its a great experience, just time building and hopefully the light at the end of this long tunnel I have been travelling will come sooner than later.
  12. Bladestrike you do have it good. I want to follow your foot steps............lol. How do I get out of the bush and be home more and make your kind of money, is that vfr or ifr?
  13. They actually have ceotp program right now where you promise to acquire a degree through out your career in the military, but it may only be offered to candidates who all ready have rotory experienced and serving nco's
  14. It's the disposition of the helicopter, we can't always be outside the curve, some of the work that requires a helicopter your working in that dead man's curve.
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