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  1. Hello everyone... There aren't a lot of details about the incident from the article, but I am curious if anyone has experienced a wirestrike. I am so thankful that there weren't any injuries. To experience that as a pilot must be an absolutely disturbing experience. Fly-Safe everyone... --------------------------------------------- Helicopter flies into power line A helicopter flew through a Valley Electric Association transmission line, causing it to break and fall across Highway 160 near Lovell Canyon, at 2:03 p.m. Tuesday, March 11. No injuries resulted. The Nev
  2. Thanks TT and Helilog56!! Your feedback helps quite a bit. If anyone else can tell their experience or stories, I would be most appreciative!
  3. Hey there everyone... I was thinking (always a challenge I know) about NOTAR. I was a good little V-Mag member and searched to see if this topic has been covered - from what I can tell it hasn't. So here is my curious question: Are there any nuances to flying an MD that has NOTAR? Is the tail just as responsive as a T/R system? I understand the mechanics and the physics behind it all. I am just curious about the pilotage component. Any differences? I may be going up in an MD600 (just for a ride - not a checkride) in a few weeks and don't want to sound like a total idiot among m
  4. I guess that I need to caveat my note above with: for Discovery Canada only. I don't see it listed for Discovery US channels.
  5. For those (like me) that missed it... according to Discovery's website, it will be rebroadcast on the 9th for early risers (or TiVo): Mean Green Machines: Airborne Extreme As a veteran of the skies since the Vietnam War, the Bell 206 Helicopter is tough, dependable and sleek; the green Eurocopter boasts air bust technology and sports a deadly silent advantage it can fly undetected. Sunday, March 09, 2008 at 5:30 AM (EST)
  6. I have no political science degree, and neither do my friends here in local law enforcement. However, in light of recent events here in Colorado Springs, it just makes me shake my head when a report like this comes out. Where is the sense in this: We had 1 Bell for our entire city of almost 400,000 people. And the budget committee cut it. Sheesh. :down: http://www.koaa.com/aaaa_more_local_news/x911469887
  7. Hello there! The time is drawing near when I will envy each one of you that are going to Heli-Expo. For the sad and pathetic people, like me, who cry themselves to sleep each night just thinking about it, can you do us a favor? Share your stories, experiences, pictures, and anything else "appropriate" for the general public here. I thought I would go ahead and post this early so that those of you bringing a laptop and a digital camera can remember to bring the little cable that connects the two of them together. Thanks again for anyone that is willing to break the rule that "anyth
  8. Excellent info! I knew you all would have an opinion. When I showed my colleague your responses his reply was, "I will work the books. You go find a B3." Thanks again.
  9. Hi there everyone... Simple and easy question.... Anyone have experience in the 355 that can pass on their thoughts? One of my colleagues has found a 1980's 355F1 (6000 hours) for under $750k (US) that he is all excited about. However, the spec sheets from Eurocopter clearly show that the extra engine of the 355 is not all that it is cracked up to be. Slower overall speed, lower I/OGE, and a bit more weight etc etc - not to mention more fuel consumption. It seems to me that the B3 (besides not having that extra engine tagging along for emergencies) has several benefits over the
  10. Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback. I will let you know once I pass my snows ops checkride -mountainflier.
  11. Thanks everyone for the great tips!!! I will certainly take them into account on my first checkride for snow ops. Any other tips are certainly welcome. Has anyone been concerned about or had to straighten out belly antennae or a mirror after a snow landing - after you got back to base of course. I would think that even mildly packed snow can turn them into pretzels or at least push them over. Or perhaps... the sllllllloooooowness of the landing protects them. Thanks again!
  12. Hey there everyone... My curiousity has gotten hold of me... I have seen a bunch of pictures (posted on our site) of Astars, R44's, etc that were landed in semi-deep to deep snow. Obviously, the weight of the helo is not supported by the skids in this case. Since I have yet to experience this type of landing, what precautions or checklist do you perform to make sure that you don't bend any belly antennae, etc (or worse - settle down into a snow covered rock?). Thanks!
  13. Hey there. I picked mine up directly from Robinson by calling them. They will take credit cards over the phone. The contact name should be under Manual Subscriptions on this page. http://www.robinsonheli.com/contact.htm
  14. Hey there squirlybird. Thanks for the response. a majority of our freight will be people and probably light shipments for courier services (to mountainous areas of course). Thanks for the info on the Penticton course. I will look it up. Take care and thanks again! mountainflier
  15. jfk, thanks again for your help (and to everyone else that replied too!) I am working with a few business partners that are doing their so-called "business plans" to check into the sustainability issue. I totally agree with you about that. When you look up in the sky and you see no helos, there may be a reason. A friend of mine claims he saw an Astar running tours at the Royal Gorge. I haven't been there in a long time, so I am not sure. Speaking of sustainability, i guess it is a side job for them. Well, I will make this my last question for this performance-posting (being the
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