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  1. Currently 7 of us using the alpha and we are slowly migrating to the gallet lids. We are finding that the AEs are not standing up to wear and tear and very difficult to get fitted correctly.
  2. Looking to PM any AMEs out there who work or have worked with coast guard and chat about the job itself, likes, dislikes, pros, cons......
  3. Bell has new throttle flex shafts. They are black and have a new fancy space age material!! Can't recall what it is Not sure if they are available yet but I have seen them at the plant in Montreal. Permalon is what we use. Inner and outer flex shafts, the 2 shafts in the stick where the pin goes in and I can't remember for sure but the stick itself and grips inside. any area that rubs. I would have to check the book for sure but this should help
  4. have any of you AMEs worked in Afghanistan? If so what are the working conditions, and type of maintenance. Do you fly with the aircraft? what type of pay? yes I know there is a war going on there, but just curious about what its like
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