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  1. Flying drugs across the border = TFW..............
  2. And helicopters attract bikinis. It's a vicious circle.
  3. If you are good at construction skills, your employers & customers will love & abuse you. Anyone who can build a book shelf, work bench, storage shed, renovate an office, add a bathroom, etc, are great assets to have around. Especially when it's slow. Also great guys to have in camp. Helping out building tent frames, kitchens, and board walks always goes a long ways in the customers eyes.
  4. HeliSupport I mistakenly thought the original post was someone just looking for an ex-colleague. My apologies for my post and condolences to all Mike's family and friends.
  5. I heard he's on a beach somewhere with “Pierre Poutine”.
  6. Crazy not to. For a $100 dollar gamble, you could make thousands.
  7. Condolences to all involved. Good work by the WildCat crew in helping bring this to a close and all the other searchers out there.
  8. A Chevy II now has a Rolls-Royce engine so that would seem to be the obvious choice.
  9. This was a very poor call on the part of the pilot and crew! Come on.......... A & W????? Is there no Wendys in Kenora?
  10. Don't these SAR groups realize that now the lawyers will just sue them for suspending a much needed and valuble service. These groups need to be better supported on all levels. :angry: :angry:
  11. Well which is it? "bar none" or "one of the finest" can't be both Back on track, can you sling with your engineer on board?
  12. Seems like the biggest risk these days in trying to rescue someone, is being ridiculed on these forums for your efforts. :down: :down: :down:
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