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  1. Flying drugs across the border = TFW..............
  2. And helicopters attract bikinis. It's a vicious circle.
  3. If you are good at construction skills, your employers & customers will love & abuse you. Anyone who can build a book shelf, work bench, storage shed, renovate an office, add a bathroom, etc, are great assets to have around. Especially when it's slow. Also great guys to have in camp. Helping out building tent frames, kitchens, and board walks always goes a long ways in the customers eyes.
  4. HeliSupport I mistakenly thought the original post was someone just looking for an ex-colleague. My apologies for my post and condolences to all Mike's family and friends.
  5. I heard he's on a beach somewhere with “Pierre Poutine”.
  6. Crazy not to. For a $100 dollar gamble, you could make thousands.
  7. Condolences to all involved. Good work by the WildCat crew in helping bring this to a close and all the other searchers out there.
  8. A Chevy II now has a Rolls-Royce engine so that would seem to be the obvious choice.
  9. This was a very poor call on the part of the pilot and crew! Come on.......... A & W????? Is there no Wendys in Kenora?
  10. Don't these SAR groups realize that now the lawyers will just sue them for suspending a much needed and valuble service. These groups need to be better supported on all levels. :angry: :angry:
  11. Well which is it? "bar none" or "one of the finest" can't be both Back on track, can you sling with your engineer on board?
  12. Seems like the biggest risk these days in trying to rescue someone, is being ridiculed on these forums for your efforts. :down: :down: :down:
  13. Think I'd fall back on my wife's career and let her work for awhile.
  14. **** lets make it 3. Cap and Old Dog, I've heard different versions of the twin 214st incidents over the years and have always wondered what the whole (true) story was. Without meaning any disrespect to the 4 lost, are there any details you would feel comfortable sharing?
  15. Grab a bag of sunflower seeds. Works for me every time.
  16. Wouldn't sweat it boyz. From what I've seen most of these guys are working for companies that you don't really want to fly for anyway.
  17. The Boyz at Fish and Wildlife might have more to say about this than Transport as that canyon is full of goats (and kids in the spring) and they frown on them being traumatized by the likes of us.
  18. Hate to say it but if you couldn't get the post back in, your aircraft already had bigger issues than just removing the post with it running. Again, I'm not condoning the action but I've seen it done literally dozens of times and never had any trouble getting the post back in. Usually if the post won't go in, the issue is with ones technique. I've seen this with both the aircraft running or not.
  19. I'm with you Mike. I think it should be avoided whenever possible but the 206 is built well enough to withstand the post being removed while running. It's nice to see that we have people on here that are smarter and more familiar with Bell products than their own structural engineers. :down: :down: :down:
  20. BHT-206-SRM-1 1-3. TYPES OF CONSTRUCTION. a. FORWARD SECTION (CABIN): The forward section extends from the nose to the rear of the passenger compartment. It's basic structure consists of two honeycomb panels joined to form the bottom of the cabin or floor, while a sheetmetal roof beam assembly joined to the center of another honeycomb panel above form the roof. The forward floor and roof honeycomb panels consist of aluminum core material and aluminum faces or skins. The aft floor assembly consists of aluminum honeycomb core material with fiberglass skins. The box beam structure supports the transmission and forward section of the engine. Two bulkhead assemblies and a center post connect the floors and roof to form and integrated stucture. The bases of the forward and aft bulkheads support the landing gear. h. CREW SEAT BULKHEAD (item 10). This bulkhead is situated directly aft of the crew seat structure and serves as the seat back. It is one of two bulkheads that join the roof to the floor and provides attachment for the forward crosstube supports, crew lap and shoulder seat belt attachment points and crew seat structure. It is constructed of aluminum frames and webs.
  21. I've checked all the SB's, TB's, SI's, FM's, & FMS's and nothing on taking the post out with the aircraft running.
  22. And how about the required maintenance entry? Probably not rocket science either?
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