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  1. National Geographic Channel at 8pm tonight http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/seri...e/3858/Overview
  2. Mark, did you say analyze? ok here goes. This episode happened at CC Heli's hangar down by the river, not at the airport, so BCFS is off the hook. The yard is well fenced and marked with the appropriate signage. Here is an overhead... In the video, note that the camera uses a wide-angle lens which makes the space seem quite large. It's not. Also keep an eye on the angle of the fence in the background. The BJ likely happened when the pilot set the bucket down and darling Lisa was probably close to the hangar. After the cut away, you can see by the angle of the fence th
  3. http://www.dgualdo.it/helics-cfund-pka-001.htm
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