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  1. Hi I am hoping that you guys may be able to steer me in the right direction or have some expeirience with this. The company I am working for has a AS350 that has an Evergreen Helicopters STC/Mod to move the longline remote hook release from the cyclic to a switch on the collective. The company would like to move this switch back to the cyclic so that all of our machines are the same. Any help in changing this back would be greatly appreciated.
  2. There is White Saddle in the area as well but they fly out of Bluff Lake. But yes WCH flies for Bella Coola Helisports.
  3. So if I get this right I am part of a cull and I am also a popsicles. So does this make me the blue coloured popsicle that nobody wants?????????
  4. Your not supposed to let everyone know about the gerbils and the wheel thing.
  5. The Arriel is a self purging system, so you could drain fuel with out the boost pump on. But as Ray said why and any grief. Now the LTS is a whole different story, you have to run the boost pumps to drain the fuel. By not running them air will get into the system and it is NOT self purging. So this could get ugly later. What I suggest is to run the boost pump every time.
  6. Hi Everyone I am looking for manuals for drip torches, I googled it and found no manauls. Is this some thing that is past down from engineer to engineer? I have never working on one before and I am not to sure where to start, any help would be greaty appreciated. Thankyou
  7. We are using Skytracker with Iridium sat phone and had no problem with it as of yet. Though this is the first year we have been running them
  8. hey I know someone who used to be a sales rep for TAD, I'll ask him and see what I can find out for you.
  9. I started with a little of everything Craftsman, Mastercraft, Mac, Snap-On, & SK. They all work and are all good tools, now some things are done better by others. On the whole though I am starting to replace my tools with Snap-On more because he comes to my door. The other thing is Canadian Tire/Sears is 2 hrs away, I pay a little more to have him come but I will pay. I have found that the Snap-On sockets are not as thick as the rest and can fit into a smaller space, and handel the torque
  10. Those 500's are great all in mopar high impact colours of the early 70's. We have the Sassy Grass Green 500 working out our hanger right now.
  11. hi guys well i just finnished the CARs prep course and it was good. it was well laid out and well dry the instructor was good and informative and managed to keep us all awake. i think that it was good opportunity to learn from the instructor as well as other people that have been working in the industry. for me this was good it may not be for every one but i think that it will help me to be more propered for the CARs. and well if nothing else it has allowed my wife to get in some shopping in the big city of vacouver.
  12. i figured that the PRE was the place to go and there was nothing in there about the cabin and landings. so i am also thinking that someone was pulling someones leg as well
  13. i went to NLC a few years ago the class i was in was 17 to start, i have been talking with one of the guys that are up there right now and his class was 13 to start. i'm not why the drop in inrolement but it seems to be going down at all the schools. as for me i'm about two months from writing my CARs (kinda worried about that) and then i just heard that i am going to be in the spring astar/engine's courses at NLC. now as for the program at NLC well it was tough i found but i learnd a lot. for the 3 semesters that we were at school they were expanding/upgrading the hanger and class
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