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  1. So from what I can gather as far as STC SR095531RC-D goes, it isn't so much an increase in "power" at all, it is is just a piece of paper saying you can take another 400lbs and a new HIGE chart. Am I missing something?
  2. YVR security has pretty good restraints. Put some drugs in your butt and waddle through the xray scanners. I have a feeling you will see lots of restraints and bars. Let us know if they are any good.
  3. If you READ what he said, he is inquiring because he thinks a machine he saw had a HOMEMADE line that was not the correct material or part. If a machine were to land in front of you with some oddball thing have not seen before, it might be tough to figure out if the part is in fact, legit. Lay the foxtrot off. He was just trying to find some info out and I am not sure how, but actually found one person on this site who helped him instead of being a prick.
  4. We allegedly use HHS Software's Program. It allegedly has a free trial version too for a few tries. Very allegedly simple and easy to use. Allegedly nothing too complicated. You allegedly purchase each machine/engine combo. http://www.hhssoftware.com/powercheck/ But as I am sure this thread will go to 32 pages of arguing about it not being approved, I should also say that it is not approved. But it does work... But its not approved... But it works... The decision is yours :bleh: Edit: I should admit that the Maintenance Forums are usualy pretty civil and we share s
  5. It's great to see questions asked, talked about, and solved. What a novel use for a forum! The maintenance thread is the only thread worth it's megabytes in my opinion. Not like the gigantic episode of Degrassi Junior High that General Helicopter Ops is. Thanks for posting some great helpful info for everyone.
  6. Ya its for the boost pumps. Maybe don't buy one and then make the guy who has one do it for you! Hahaha! Isn't that right Helimat!
  7. Anyone notice TNH is represented very well on the cover, but they forgot the whole territory inside! TNH, Fireweed, Heli Dynamics? I would try calling them but I keep getting Airborne Energ- Oh wait that was a couple issues ago Good looking 100hr phonebook otherwise!
  8. They are from Peugeot arn't they?!?
  9. What? It's not what he asked. What the #### guys. He asked what a cheap and easy tracking system is. Say CALM. Say a spreadsheet. For all you know he is running one R22 and all he needs is a spreadsheet. Take a pill folks and for those of you who have a zillion posts doesn't make you king #### of turd island.
  10. Baaahahaha. I love the video of the Double Deuce hovering... "If you can fly in the chair, you can do this too!" I really hope no one buys this thing thinking it will teach them to fly. They clealy know nothing about real helicopters if you read the website a bit... Scary stuff... As a toy this would be lots of fun, but for training... Really?
  11. From Revenue BC: http://www.sbr.gov.bc.ca/business/Income_Taxes/ttc/ Training Tax Credits provide refundable income tax credits for apprentices enrolled in programs administered through the Industry Training Authority (ITA). The ITA oversees British Columbia's industry training and apprenticeship system, including the administration of Red Seal (Inter-provincial) and B.C.-recognized (non-Red Seal) training programs. There are three main elements to the training tax credits: Basic credits for the first two levels of non-Red Seal training programs Completion credits f
  12. Thanks 212! That's really good to hear. Last year they gave me the "ya tough luck" kinda thing. I am glad they realize the predicament we are in and are on it.
  13. No effing clue. Drove me up the wall this time last year. My accountant agreed because AME is "under review" by the Industry Training Authority (ITA) and we claimed the applicable apprentiship grant and I got the cash. I didn't go back and claim for my first years of apprentiship grants mostly out of fear. I will be claiming the apprentiship completion grant this year as well. F U C K that noise. I want my money. If they only knew how much that money means to a starving (and I mean starving) AME apprentice. Keeping my fingers crossed that the audit man stays away though. Claim t
  14. Every SINGLE active helicopter company I know of has Meat servo's outnumbering wrenches almost 2 to 1! And if you take into account everyone else out there in Canada who buys a pilots license at thier local corner store, I bet the number would be more like 10:1. Ask a pilot how many machines he is responsible for. 1 Ask an engineer how many he is responisble for. Probably at least 1 if not more like 2 or 3. Its pretty simple math though. Every machine takes at least 1 pilot to drive it. But every engineer get at least 1 machine to take care of.
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