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  1. Know the flight training manual and instructor manual (particularly the first half) and know your instruments, particularly VOR and ADF (god knows why) and compass errors and that stuff Whomever is recommending you should be able to fill in all the gaps Good luck!
  2. Com Com Com...know your authorizations and training requirements as set out in your COM....Also good to know pilot training tracking systems and emergency protocols, your company should have a published "what to do if..." document. Good luck!!
  3. What Heizenberg said...instructing in helicopters is not for time building. Get a job and some experience so that you have something to pass on to your students. If a school is suggesting you get the instructor rating they are just trying to separate you from your $$, unless in the US, where things are more like fixed wing? But your 100 hr CPL comment suggests you are in Canada
  4. So by dual hours I mean the number of dual hours on instruction required to meet the licensing/flight test standard. You need 17 hours of dual instruction, and if you can meet the real flight test standard in 17 hours you are well ahead of any curve I have seen. So quite often the dual number goes up as a result of getting through all the flight exercises to a safe level. Typically students finish private in 60-70 hours, which makes the 45 number a bit unrealistic. If you do ppl first and then Cpl you will need to convert your ppl, which is 60 hours minimum I believe, so even if you
  5. I should ask what machine are you training on. You should expect 60 - 70 hours to do a good private ride....just to reference where the 35k number came from?
  6. So I assume you intend to buy a machine or rent? Entirely correct the private is not tax deductible and commercial is....and often people spend upwards of 40 to get to a safe flight test standard. The required and actual for dual hours never line up, you will have more training, be safer and perhaps a better insurance rate if you decide to purchase? Should be no problem to change course at this point in your training
  7. Tiger performance can as well, both good companies in my experience. They will even overhaul your lid for you if you send it to them. Good luck
  8. For H60 Yes it does absolutely...sometimes simply going from 100% rrpm down to 93-95% can be the difference between making a spot and not...adding speed helps as well...you may not be in the sky as long or be as comfortable, but you will go farther
  9. Daz is right....tuition is fully deductable as long as the school is recognized as an approved post secondary institution. You can carry the deduction forward up to 7 years i believe. As for the private beng recognized I believe that is only deductable after you have achieved your commercial ticket. The other factor to consider is that the private may be done in less hours, but few meet flight test standards in the prescibed number of hours (I think this is what Winnie is alluding to) especially when the training is being done periodically on weekends. 60-70 hours is more realistic gi
  10. I think what he might be getting at is the need to land a wheeled aircraft on a hard surface where possible...perhaps with skids they may have chosen the field the first time around, and the problem may have been averted??
  11. With all the talk over on the HJ thread about relevance to helicopter operations...can someone explain to me why this thread is still in helicopter operations and not one of the other forums further down the page... you all seem like good folk on here and it is all good stuff but I have seen more moved quicker....
  12. To sudden stop.....just because I have set some poles for hydro crews does not mean I am ready to climb the thing and string some line....why you think you know about the job from being in the industry, maybe working with crews? Yours is one of the oldest of the old school views...."son I have more time in this machine than you ever will" I am sure we have all heard that one from one guy or another. That being said this is pretty odd considering they had the luxury of actually getting out of the machine, something we do not always get to do, and they clearly were aware of the wires given
  13. Why is it so difficult to add these to the curriculum?? My experience is that the students really enjoy any exercise that you can incorporate that simulates the "real world" At the school I work at we have done this with many exercises, and they often incorporate multiple students who help out by acting as "Customers" who can do things like pad cutting or slinging ground crew?? All you need is an idea of what really goes on out there and your imagination to create scenarios for the students that mimic real work, and ensuring that they won't end up costing the student by wasting hours.
  14. I'm with AR...no problem looking down at that guyout the door....but being beside him on there is not going to happen....got nauseous just watching it...good video!!!!
  15. Thanks for a very informative read Freefall...good example to review for all of us!1
  16. so it sounds like everyone will be wanting to log this time.....how will that work??? Just asking....
  17. While I believe in the value of a good education, regardless of end job, I think there is a parallel, even if you just choose to focus on community colleges instead of universities....and there is no doubt they are in the job training business. The reality is when the eceonomy went pear shaped the colleges had to increase staffing in many programs to accomodate an influx of laid off people looking for re-training or upgrading, and the job prospects in many of those areas of study was slim to none and you know where slim went As well the majority of students, regardless of whether college
  18. A good post skidsup....well said.....and 254 had some funny stuff in there too... I always take exception to the idea that schools should be the sole educator of a potential pilot, which I guess is why I like Skids post so much.....while I do instruct a bit in the winter and tend to be too honest with potential students for my bosses taste, the reality is that each and every college and university does the exact same thing, and in most cases is subidized by all of us who do in fact pay taxes. You think there are jobs waiting out there for all the history/philosiphy/sociology/psychology/ki
  19. if it ain't broke....the 206 is the way to go...most entry level jobs, easy to maintain, ready supply of parts, well established DOC's, great for emergency training....the list goes on and on. IMO the most intriguing case study would be to try to offer turbine training with an LR.....try to keep costs down for students, and better chance of working it on charter vs a jetranger??? I suppose some could argue the 120 or the 66, but for me the 206 is the way to go....
  20. As long as you dont appear greedy doing it...take the 44...there are those who operate them doing charter work, and if you are comfortable flying a 44 getting into a 206 or L will be an easy transition...jmo..... Good luck!!
  21. the funny part is it is probably the same machine!! Seriously though great to see!!
  22. Sling: Are you reading......Mixmaster is a great example of how to conduct yourself...low time or not..... Not trying to whip you up....but cant help but read his last post and think of yours lately..... Thanks Mike and all for the responses....this is how this forum should operate more often
  23. Was through North Bay recently and lots of a/c in their yard....looks like it has shut down?? lots of their equipment on Controller for sale...have they shut the doors????
  24. Have not done Ottawa Suds, so dont know how it would go range wise, but the Shell guy in North Bay is great (Brian). Should be able to make Sudbury Wawa rather than Chapleau?? Good guys there too and will be there, they keep regular hours. (Heinz or Darryl) Chapleau can be hit and miss. Then good to top up in Marathon ( credit card self serve) as Terrace no longer sells fuel. Sandra has moved to Marathon to do the wx station there as Terrace is shut down completely. If you can make Wawa Thunder Bay great, but i find L3 can do Marathon Dryden direct unless big headwind and you will avoid T Bay
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