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  1. i think you misunderstood what i was saying, what i am saying is you can make a good wage, but its not a monday to friday job year round to make that wage, i think alot of people that ***** about the money want to work monday to friday and be home every night, i agree that we are underpaid compaired to other jobs with no responsibility, but like you said i do this job because i like it and if your working for minimum wage your probably due for a raise, last year i was paid fair on both daily rate and flight pay and i made a bunch of money and travelled around having a good time doing it part o
  2. well said...... highgear why are you hanging out on this forum? there must be a welders forum out there for you..... im sick off all the people on here bitching about money, there's money to be made if you willing to be away from base and work long hours etc. but if this is not for you then dont do it, rather than complain on here just quit and get another job....
  3. rcketchik......mabye i shoulda added some positive things about the school, the sheet metal part of the course was awesome, i know people that have gone through dawson creek and from what ive heard from more than one person you will come out with a better education than BCIT, i dont have a attitude and if you went through the bs and delt with some of the crap i delt with you will understand where im coming from...........you ever spend a week stringing a set of jetbox blades because you have to wait around a hour or two to get a stamp per step, or how bout getting yelled at constantly from one
  4. have fun at BCIT, bunch of washed up instructors that couldnt make it in the industry, be prepared for BS, after level 6 you'l be ready to get the **** outa there, the helicopter level is completely screwed up as castle is a reatrd and all your projects will take way longer than they should cause he is a power tripping idiot, electronics grasby is a beyond anal moron who is in left field most of the time, as for hands on in my experiences at bcit we ran the fulcan and thats it, if you ever get the chance to run the jetbox which is completely outdated with a C-18 and parts which you will never
  5. i made over 65K first year licensed and i wasnt even licensed until april, depends where you are willing to travel too and how much time your willing to be away from civilization thats almost 35$ a hour if you worked 160 hrs a month 12 months a year with no time off plus the perdiem and away from base pay on top of that........i cant complain about wages this year will be even better,.........
  6. from what i've heard, campbell helicopters in vancouver and i hear their DOM is a really nice guy, named Adolf i think
  7. just get a job wherever working on whatever type of heli, i think its best to start on lights but thats just my opinion, a type endorsement is a waste of money unless your licensed and the shortage of guys right now its a waste of money to buy your own cause i guarantee someone will buy you a course when you get your license. DON'T work for free or i will hunt you down, and expect to get paid between 2000 and 2500$ a month as a apprentice with some flight pay if your away from base.
  8. i read the whole report, those guys should go be someones ***** for life in jail
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