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  1. kp, it all depends on what you want. if you think that having the extra trainning will help get you a decent job then go for it. are you into spending the extra cash for trainning that the company that hires might give you? remember at this stage of the game you can't be over qualified, so the extra 15hrs will help with your flying confidence. good luck. and you can always change your mind and do the extra 15hrs right?
  2. matt, you're living the dream, keep em coming!
  3. hey 2BanAviator, i too have been lurking around this forum and i am also looking into getting my commercial license. i live in vernon so the closest school is www.okhelicopters.com/ in kelowna. from what i've heard it's pretty good. if you have lots of money try canadian helicopters in penticton. good luck.
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