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  1. Hi Doug. My first job in the industry was with Ontario Helicopters in 1978.Based in Thompson.George Fenwick owner and Dave Wilson Ops.Mgr. and Chief Pilot.Al Lang offered me the job without a "finders fee" and loaned me a pair of longjohns when I arrived for duty at Eskimo Point a bit unprepared for the local July weather.I returned them after the job,well laundered and wrapping a mickey of scotch. Oh the memories !!!
  2. I have over 21,000 hr. total time of which about 15,000 would be on the long line.I have done all types of long line work with 500D,Astar,206 and 205 with steel cable with and without remote hooks (of all types) and kevlar lines with a remote hook and lengths between 50 and 250 ft. As far as I am concerned the best system (I have found to date) is an Airborne Systems Talon remote hook with Emergco plasma lines with the electrical cord inside the line.I do not like having any sheathing or covering on the line anywhere as it is not necessary and only adds to drag at higher speeds bringing th
  3. Why did you stop at 15000+ ? Some of us are working towards 25000 and beyond.
  4. Hi Doug. Aldersey is indeed in Port McNeill and can be reached at maldersey@wcheli.com He would love to hear from the old gang.Wouldn't a reunion be cool !! Take care all.
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