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  1. in my case the school prepared me for the truth about the industry..getting a job would be no easy deal let alone a flying job right off the bat...and with that in mind a little while ago i was hired on by a great company as a 100hr wonder and before i made my choice i knew flying would be out of the question for quite some time.......but the experience i will have learned with gound ops, flight ops, the wrench side of things, and everything inbetween should hopefully prepare me to be competent when the time comes to get my wings... and knowing everyday i get to work around choppers and be apa
  2. sorry if im a little late on the post reagrding the training at OMH...............just finishing my last 2 hours on the R44 and did a 4.5 hour solo x-country today to kamloops-merritt-princeton and back to kelowna on the R22...........the course has deffinatly exceeded my expectations: the 25hrs. on the R44 made a huge difference in employablity since John and Chris show you how to do some decent mountain flying in the Monashee's , log pad landings, full gross weight landings and T/O's in confined areas, bambi bucket training, long lining with 50' and 100' lines with trees, barrels and pretty
  3. hey ktown.......who do you fly for? and are you based out of kelowna?
  4. im starting my traing on monday the 9th at OMH with the basic 100 hour course..........they offer and 115 hours course and the pilots i talked with up north all said not to bother because in the end your still 100 hour pilot and the extra skills they teach you really are that benificial at that stage in the game..........granted you get 90 on the r22 and 25 hours on a r44 but is it gonna make me more employable in the industry..........? thanks for any suggestions
  5. did the 115 hours course make the difference when it came to employment?
  6. im currently enrolled for the october training at OMH..........i read that you took the 115 hours course.........i decided to take the straight forward 100 hour.........although it gets you an extra 15 hours (a total of 25 on a r44) did it make you more employable in your perspective.......the pilots i ws working iwth in a bush camp in north bc said not to bother with the extra 15 hours just for the fact it doesn't really help "flying" skills cause your basicaly a 100 hour pilot at the end.........let me know it would be greatly appriciated
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