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  1. I have known Jan for 43 years and it is about time that this comes about, this past summer he rec'ed the cert for 40 years on the 212. It is well earned. As far as the stories far to many to count.
  2. When i left Shirley in early 69 Ralph was one of the first to give me a check ride in YYC on a G2, Like you said Gerry, Ralph was dealt not the best of hands to play. Mr. Nel I heard you were back in S.A. on a 350 not as nice as the islands, March.
  3. These mods were done on STC and not a Bell effort there were two in the USA depending who's STC was used they would have the FMS on this. If you can give me some more info on the ship involved i will try and get you on the track to get a copy.
  4. I don't have the number in front of me but he is the DOM at HeliTech in Abbotsford
  5. If any of you remember before they were having the Inuit patrols for Polars, at places like Rae Point and other high points of the islands. They had the dogs that were running around only thing was it was the main attactions for the wolf packs to see how many dogs they could consume. The pack would send a female in heat out to run down the runway and as soon as the dogs headed out to greet her the pack would move in for the meal.
  6. I agree you need everything you can possibly have to get home safe, and never get complacent not knowing how to read a map.
  7. One other item to add a bad situation are SOLAR STORMS over the next couple of years they are to be some of the worst in over 50 years, if your not aware of them look it up GPS, cell and SAT phones are all affected. to the point where they are not worth a crap.
  8. Apart from a number of good leads to have with you gun, food and fuel. The one item that saved our butts was the use of the flare pistol not just for alerting a posible search A/C. The flare pistol, even the older pencil flares will keep the polars back if you aim the flare just above grd level 3-5ft you get this rolling fire ball that will travel a fare distance to keep them back.I still always had my 12ga with slugs but thats getting to close in. And above all else have RESPECT for the area as it can turn on you in a heart beat.
  9. Had to reply to the statement by SuddenStop where the senerio was given laying there with a broken back. He is right for the need of having SAR closer at hand,as I was in that situation. I had two pax. with me when everything went to crap. I was able to get my pax out of the ship and to shore but in my run for the shore from the thin ice we crashed on, my back and legs quit working and so ended up laying on the ice for 27 to 28hrs,about 200 miles north of Resolute Bay and I can say I would not wish this on anyone, paralysis from the waist down watching the polars going back and forth looking a
  10. The one I think you might remember was a pilot by the name of Dave Ramsgar flying an OKy ship bought it slinging a radio tower had one pax, not much left of it when it went in.that was in the June july time frame if my mind is clear.
  11. Coldest was at Satellite Bay on Prince Patrick Island, March 1970 we had a 204B,205 and AS319 in the camp with Bow Helicopters, working outside changing a input seal on the 205 Trans and the next day pulled the hot end off on the 204. -65F or -54C. Fred Campbell, John Berringer, Jan Elbe, Ed Pruss everyone worked together, Flippen Cold no matter how you looked at it.
  12. In the mid to late 70's there was a camp in the arctic islands just on the edge of Cameron Island called Bent Horn that if you wanted to measure on the neg. side would have taken top rating, it was in mid Nov. time frame and the camp was on sled, all linked together and pulled by a Cat. So that each trailer that measured approx. 8ft by 15ft and was set up to sleep if you could six people. and this included the toilet which was a five gal. pail that was behind a old army blanket in the corner by the door. You were given one black plastic garbage bag a week that you were to use as your personal
  13. RMH created most of their own demise info from a friend who was on one of their last accidents when they were logging, the A/C had about half fuel onboard and when they recovered the log that had been slung off the mountain (sling shot style) and had fallen about 2000ft down the side of the hill breaking up as the log tumbled the primary log weighted in with the ship wt. 19300. You do the math 3300 O/G
  14. Just for the books as I had stated for temps normally below -20/-25 in staight cruise, I would NOT recommend beeping down either climbing out of a hole or in other situations. the 206L series is not a medium and even with them it is very selective on the right situation.
  15. Two items on the Long Ranger that should be noted is that when the tail boom is doing that dance number when your on the ground, this can in most cases be taken out if you are able to go in and fine tune the centering of the trunion on the main rotor hub nine times out of ten will settle the boom down. And the other item is in the design of the M/R blades you will find that when you are flying in temps normally below -20/-25 in staight cruise that the ship will slow down, this can be gained back by beeping down 2-3%. This first came to light back in the early 80's when a B.C. company had a nu
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