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  1. Yes I have . With the numbers climbing it would be extremely foolish and irresponsible to continue. I support the decisions to halt operations.
  2. Yep. It really is unnecessary risk .
  3. What a ridiculous and dangerous thing to do when it’s not even required.
  4. I heard a couple outfits in the Valley cut crews and so they should if they want to try and survive this.
  5. Will be a lot of “ let er burn “ unless there are threats to life and property . Probably no standby since there will be unlimited ac available . Maybe weed out some questionable operators this year. Nice
  6. There won’t be any money left for fires,
  7. I have used Cirro. It is Not user friendly and has a few bugs the biggest one , closing my flightplan while I was still flying . Many times. will not use it again.
  8. The industry really is becoming a joke. I am so disappointed the way it has turned .
  9. How can you get a copy of the list ??
  10. what ?? is that the only rebuttal ??? cmon tell it like it is guys..
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