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  1. I agree. It’s getting crazy to keep up with all the paperwork. Alot of the management types are too much to take anymore. I gave up on what was once a great job.
  2. Well I would probably agree with you If I never had to rely on my own ability to make a good career out of this . But a lot of people were never given a helicopter pilot / engineer job or a helicopter company for that matter. That is a lot of the problem with this industry including Highland Helicopters to name ONE. sadly some hard working people still have hopes and dreams .
  3. ELD’s record the hours on parts as well as other things eliminating the possibility of flying with time expired parts
  4. Yes there are but these ELD’s are exactly the same and extremely accurate making aviation much safer!
  5. I have been involved in ELD’s “electronic logging devices” in commercial vehicles. These work very well and will be mandatory June 01 2020. They are now branching out into commercial aircraft and this will take out all the guess work and increase safety eliminating any “cheating” or mistakes in pilot , journey and tech logs. There is alot of interest from customers including government agencies. Shouldn’t take long as all the ground work is done with trucks etc. Should make things a lot safer and less confusing.
  6. Any more info on the cause of this crash last year ??
  7. Yes I have . With the numbers climbing it would be extremely foolish and irresponsible to continue. I support the decisions to halt operations.
  8. What a ridiculous and dangerous thing to do when it’s not even required.
  9. I heard a couple outfits in the Valley cut crews and so they should if they want to try and survive this.
  10. Will be a lot of “ let er burn “ unless there are threats to life and property . Probably no standby since there will be unlimited ac available . Maybe weed out some questionable operators this year. Nice
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