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  1. Hey guys! Wondering if any AME's know about the working on chinooks and vertols? what kinda pay is likely for a licenced AME with type endorsments on Chinooks or vertols? How is the maintenance side of things for these aircraft? Any info is welcomed........thanks!
  2. What do you mean by "mom and pop companies" and why would a growth phase somewhere be painful.
  3. Does anyone know what are the best types of helicopters to have expirence on as an AME to do off shore or global work?
  4. thanks for your input .. does anyone have a preferred company they would like to work for or have worked for as an AME and why?
  5. what are the advantages of being type endorsed on dif. helicopters. is small craft better to be endorsed on then larger helicopters? Is it better to look for a larger company when starting an ame rotary apprentiship and get a broader range of expeirence on dif. types of helicopter and then branch off, OR to start with a smaller company that is more speacialized and get a good name and work up? What kinda pay is expected for a rotary AME apprentise....i know the apprentice doesn't get paid much but what kinda path is best for pay...there are maintenance overhaul facilities that deal with s
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