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  1. I have seen an approval right from Bell on this topic. It was prompted by a request from a component guy and I saw the letter stating that Bell is in the process of the giving official OK. I have not seen it in the new revision of a manual yet but that was the just of the letter I read. We use it on Mast splines and Blade bolts on the 206 series and have had really good luck with it. works great in all conditions all year round.
  2. offset


    I think the guys name is David Anderson. He has a company that puts those courses on. I did one a couple of years ago it was a two day class room deal seemed pretty in depth. I think he mainly works out of the lower mainland. That's where my course was anyway. He's got a Transport Canada background so he knows his stuff, good course. Don't know the name of his company sorry. Hope this helps
  3. offset


    I know a guy who went to TC for the M2 to be added to his license. They told him he had to fill out the tasks in his Logbook for the applicable aircraft. This A/C in particullar was the 205 he had ACA and had been signing out the A/C for months. So he bought a logbook filled it out signed all the tasks off himself and handed is to TC and they gave him the M2. No questions asked. What a joke I was going to do the same thing but I figured what the **** I'm already signing out the 205 why bother. He's on this website off and on maybe he can tell us the story himself.
  4. The CSL mentioned earlier is CSL 4050 for the C20R. The CSL 1176 for the C20B. The settings are listed and it has a wealth of good information I have a copy of it with me to reference from time to time and it comes in handy. It came out in 92 but still seems relevant for the most part. Not taking the new overhaul techniques and materials into consideration. Lots of good tips in the earlier post. The C20R is a different breed of animal compared to the C20B, thats the bigest issue pilots jump in and treat them the same. It tends to turn on that red light on your TOT gauge more than usual. Offset
  5. My two cents, From my point of view you can't legislate common sense. (stole that one from a friend) If your to tired to safely do your job. Then put your tools away. The fact those of us that work VFR bush operations we don't have the luxury of a duty day. When I'm at a remote base or a camp I am expected to answer the phone take bookings maintain op's gear and fix the camp generator if I want the coffee maker to work. So having all those duties during the day I have a machine sometimes multiple machines to maintain. All this, sleep, eat, and rub one out in a 24 hr period. The pilot has the luxury of working set hours and pulling the pin when the clock runs out. I think that was a huge step foward for safety in this indusry when it came down the pipe. The enviroment in which I find myself the last few years has put the responsibility squarely on my shoulders. The rotation I work is the one I choose. None of this set days off and knowing where I'm going to be a month in advance. I have enough experience on enough types to go where I want and work for who I choose. So I must want and like it this way or else I'm just a sadist. But if we work in this industry for long enough we have to be a little sadistic to stay with it. Some operators have a better system than others when it comes to scheduling and manpower they have to make it a priority and usually. When it cost them $ it gets put on the back burner until its mandatory. ie SMS and the lack of leadership from the operators on that topic but thats another thread. No way Transport is going to be able to control this! Somebody please explain to me how this would work. I think it would force operators to have qualified guys in the wings to cover duty times for Engineers. REALLY you've got to be kidding that directly affects the amount of Flight pay I earn. When you screw with my paycheck then it gets personal. Having said all that I would embrace a system in which I can have more time off. But I would like to see the draft for legislation of this type before they put it into force I think we all would have some opinions on that. Ohh got to go there goes the phone/fax/generator again... offset
  6. Hey W, yeah thought some might be able to read between the lines on that one. But FYI my name is Sandy not T. But I won't buy beer for a guy to do his job. That's what his paycheck is for. Sandy
  7. I am looking for a source for metric caps and plugs for shipping purposes MGB, servo's ect... Our parts guy can't seem to find any thought I would put the word out for some direction. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks offset
  8. "Hydraulic filter elements are field cleanable at least three times" This is taken directy from the Bell 206 manual I have not found any clear restrictions on the filter. I have heard this Rumour for awhile that its only to be cleaned three times, and until Bell clears it up I'll continue to treat the Hydraulic filter as an on condition item. I have replaced them more often than some and less often than others. But when people make statements like the one above concerns me a little. I do agree with the statements above concerning fuel filters they are cheap insurance against contaminated FCU's and Flame outs. Offset
  9. Good on ya Deuce nice to see some honesty on this site.
  10. I have been having an issue with the flight pay system at my particular company. Curently its not a fair set up and I feel a pool system would be better over all. I am trying to do some research to put together a couple of alternatives to our current way of doing things. Management is content doing it the way they have always done "big surprise". I am looking for any information on companies that have a pool system that works for them in a medium to small company setting. I would really appreciate some input on this. I would rather call and talk to the DOM or PRM, in person to get the low down instead of just the witty remarks I usually read on this site. So the company names and the contact person would be great so I can follow up on the on the phone. Its probaly a big waste of my time but I've come to the conclusion that if you can't make things better where you are your not going to find things are better elsewhere. Thanks for any help you can provide Sandy
  11. I can top all of you guys. I trained a small army of Gophers to built net loads and clean the tail boom but after a week or so the organized and formed a union. Now I can't get any work out of them and they take all my flight pay. Plus they talked a Black bear into representing them and he's got me working for him now. HE'S GOT ME CORNERED IN THE DRY SHACK!!! SEND HELP!!! :shock:
  12. I'm with you Swede never have used the corrector but some people swear by it. If you look at the T/R from the photocell's view you can usaully get it in a couple of run's. That being said I have had things go badly and taken WAY more than a couple. So sometimes its not as straight forward as it should be. The vibrex 2000 is a good unit compared to an old 177 its way simpler. But the ACES system is the cats *** makes it so easy you forget how to do it the old way.
  13. A couple of straps around the middle seat and looped around the handles on the stern all hooked together with a tree to keep it tracking good. Looked like this from the ground. Hope that helps Pilot tells me it was very stable a 60 mph. We don't want to go to fast anyway we get paid by the hour after all.
  14. I haven't heard it explained any better. You hit the nail on the head, Good read :up:
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