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  1. A pilot is an unfortunate necessity HAC members eyes. They are not your friend. Don't play into their propaganda.
  2. Ops mobil observations. Run, don't walk in the opposite direction.
  3. There should be nothing stowed under occupied seats according to eurocopter. They are designed to collapse into that area if needed.
  4. Phil Croucher and AH1 answered the original post in a most excellent manner. Thanks
  5. The Cranbrook incident was one the thoughts that started this post. Obviously builders are serious about the "avoid" part and consequences. Also good point about more dangerous spots to be than long lining when hovering. As illustrated above, why do it? I have been there for hundreds of hours but now am questioning the wisdom in this and whether to rethink the jobs I take on. Just saying
  6. Here's to opening a can of worms. With an eye to safety and litigation, should we be long lining with single engine helicopters? The PIC is ultimately responsible for the operation of the aircraft within the manufacturers specifications and current laws of the land. The aircraft manual sets limits for vne, gross weight, power train limitations, etc. It also clearly illustrates the height/velocity diagram. A couple of things here, one, when the engine quits at cruise and 1000 feet, with proper inputs and a bit of luck, you have a reasonable chance of walking away. Same aircraft at the top of 15
  7. Hey Todd, how many times did you have to walk home after the stove quit?
  8. When questioning the use of averaged mins, we are told "well, the customer likes them". I'm sure they do. The companies and crews are both being screwed using averaging. I totally agree with 6 hours after eight hours standby. The age old problem rears it"s head, how do you get all the opertators to implement this? Personally, I try to avoid working afs if possible. Maybe it's just me, but I think all the good people have left government and gone to industry for various reasons-mostly money and we are left with a variety of bungling dolts to "manage our forests".
  9. I remember afs getting the heads up on a tc inspection not long ago. food and conditions miraculously inproved just before the red and white jetbox landed.
  10. Yes, the afs handbook says to bring a tent. I have to get fed properly and have a good nights rest especially when working heavy hours. This is a safety issue and I am surprised the afs suggests compromising saftey for burning trees. We all get caught up in the excitement of the moment but folks, ITS JUST A FOREST FIRE. The saddest and stupidest thing of this is the deaths that occur for this natural cycle. Do not let yourself get caught up in this situation. Facilities of some kind can usually be found close to the action be it a fishing lodge, town, gas plant etc. Politely explain at the
  11. Yes, we have all the benefits as well but in Alberta anyway if you are injured on the job, workers comp kicks in and I've heard you can max out at around $3200.re-embursement per month. Short and long term disability are for medical problems. Anyone know for sure?
  12. Check out a Kenko seat. It is a sheepskin seat cushion (one piece bottom and back). I have the same problem and have used these for years. I remove the bell seat back and replace it with the kenko. It makes the seat back about 2 inches thinner and raises your butt a bit. Still retains the vertical impact crushable bottom just in case. It's not as good as the seat out of any small car but just as comfy and cooler(or warmer) than the stock crap. Works for me. I tried the lower bottom from eagle but it just raised my knees an made me sit more on my tailbone. I would really someone to stc a set
  13. Has everyone checked exactly what they would be entitled to in the event of an injury accident? Most of us are only covered by workers comp which is very little if you are out for awhile. Is there extra coverage available to beef up the cheques to keep you going short term or,worse, long term?
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