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  1. I have worked with provincial BC crews for over 20 years and have seldom experienced any drug activity!!! The CONTRACT crews that were dismissed have had a long standing reputation for drug use on the job. Finally after all these years someone had the balls to deal with it! I would speculate that the owners of these contract companies will be disappointed over the lack of "sales" to their employees. This action taken by the BC Forest Service will make way for the reputable companies to provide their services.
  2. This is a sign of the times for our industy! When the pack is hungry they will eat anything to survive, and the alberta contracts just fed guardian poison. I am sure Alberta will be wondering why they pay 1900 for the B3 in the summer and will have a tough time justifying any rate increases for next season!!! Hold the rates boys! We are starting down a slippery slope! :shock:
  3. In the siesmic world, dry camp to the drillers just means they have to smoke it. Go there be discret and responsible about your buisness. Cheers
  4. Over the last 20 years of flying, I can not remember so many mediums crewed standing bye at the forest services beckon call!!!! With the down turn in our industry, and increased equiptment avalability, I predict that if we dont start getting some fire action we should batten down the hatches!! SH*TS ABOUT TO GET REAL BROTHER! Just ask Donald
  5. Pilots and engineers will get paid what the market will bear! To spurt out numbers and say that it the going rate, or what should be the rate depends on your position. Points to consider other than just the finacial side of things should be type and quality of equiptment,Time off,Quality of people you work with and personel advancement. Depending on the person, the importance of these points will vary!! Be satisfied with were you work,or change it up! Fly safe
  6. T-rex You are correct when you stated that the operator sets the rates and the daily mins. Unfortunatly the operators still let the provinces dictate how these mins are applied. Ontario averaged and accumilated, BC averaged over 3-5 day terms ect :down: . There are exceptions for all the provinces, depending on supply and demand.I agree that the industry needs to have a standard for mins, 4 hours per day not averaged in any way! :punk: The crew would make more loot the operator would make more loot :shock: and the agency which we work for would have happier crews providing a better servi
  7. I think that companies should quit averaging thier hours over contracts short or long term!!!! This would then bring us up to the standard which other industries charge their equiptment out for. My condolences to all those crew @Great slave who suffered through 2.5 hour per day mins averaged over thier contract with the MNR this past May, while others at least got 4 hrs per day still averaged. If you work in Alberta, you get 4 hours per day, unless you fly more than 4 hours, you get what you fly. If this was the standard for hire of helicopters across the country, aircrew and the compani
  8. N registered 206 rolled over in the Mcbride area last week supporting HQ operations, anyone know what happened?
  9. Bp 140/90 caused a red flag with the transport docs. Tansport requested 3 conscutive readings from my doc within 2 months, I started to take my own Bp with a at home with a store bought unit and recorded the reults which were on average 120/75 or in that range. when I went back to take my required readings @ the docs I was still a little high but with the home reading I took they were satisfied,Even though after a heated conversation with a battle axe nurse, drove me to 165/105. CAP good info in you post. Thanx
  10. non rev half rate maintinance no flight pay training full pull getting trained priceless
  11. KINGSHEAD Going on strike isnt the solution, but a firm were not going to average for any province at the anuall meetings will draw thier attention as it did when alberta informed operators that pilots would be required to stay in tents a few years back. Nobogy I know stayed in a tent!!
  12. Some of the inherent crew problems that occur are(example) Pilot A goes to Ontario flys 8 a day for 2 weeks :punk: Then the crew change happens pilot B gets moved off to Armstrong where there is no action and flys 0 For two weeks. The company is basicly sitting for squat for the last 2 weeks:shock: The pilot still deserves 4 a day and should get it. 412 is a good example ensuring his 2 a day no averaging (given the old supply and demand rule might be able to get more) especially if operators come out of the smoke and realize that there is limited mediums in the country when a couple of prov
  13. The helicopter industry has allowed its customers to negotiate and dictate averaging hours over contracts with the exception of Alberta :up: . BC and Saskatchewan averaged 3 to 4 day contracts over the term, Manitoba, Parks Canada and Ontario averaged over contract and extensions. :down: What a deal for them, since they only guarantee you a 2 to 4 day. Sometimes these contracts work out for the operators and the pilots. I am sure that others have felt similar pain of the sitting on the ramp for 12 hours on IA and no flight pay due to the structure of the contract. Its seems to me that we
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