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  1. Updated Profile today!

  2. Gary, I think North Delta Copters in Delta, BC has a SL4 Cabin/Airframe in their hangar.
  3. Hey T55, when you get a copy can I have one too?
  4. Maxcraft has barrier that will work with the ECL litter kit. It also has a radio tray aft of the collective that will hold a FM and VHF radio (and SAT phone handset).
  5. Right hand drive, short rear seats, no sliding doors, blown/wedged pocket door windows, wedge main co-pilot window, dual squirrel cheeks, aft battery (tailboom), rear baggage extender, short DART steps, left hand DART basket, big DART bearpaws, Eurocopter Canada dual mirror, rip the interior plastic out, one piece rubber floor, the great big DART sling window and large floor opening mod. and the Maxcraft auxiliary radio panel between the front seats. Priceless! :punk:
  6. Worked on 355's at Abitibi and Canadian and except for the electrical issues they were good aircraft. We worked sesmic with Abitibi's 355 C-GHSO in the foothills of Alberta and Chetwynd etc. and it did the job just fine. On three oil related audits I was directly involved in 2006, the customers were pushing the twin engine aircraft in a big way and especially one's that had CAT A performance. The twin engine is the wave of the future and the 355 is the cheapest way to get in.
  7. Holy moly, my post has been sabotaged! First off, this is a post about the difficulty of finding qualified AME's and what they are looking for in way of benefits etc. to keep and attract them. Occasionally a little off topic banter is refreshing but when it leads to all out threaten of people................ that gone to far. Whomever "snark" is has in my opinion crossed the line.
  8. There must be some more history behind this that would have led to manslaughter charges. History of negligence?
  9. Thread's coming along nicely! Need more specifics in regards to pay!
  10. Ok, Elvis, thekingshead, helimat what would be a realistic (I mean realistic) pay for a pool engineer and a base engineer. Also what would be a realistic days on/off schedule for a pool engineer south of the territories. Everyone else out there lets hear what you would consider as acceptable (realistic) compensation for pool and base engineer positions. Thanks Blackcomb engineering - no funny stuff........., Keep it constructive!
  11. Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble finding maintenance staff?
  12. Goldfinger, He the same guy I was typing about. Silver Toyota! Everything in there including the kitchen sink!
  13. If its "Woody" MB then I have worked with him many times over the years. I had a gas working with him, he was always a gentleman and made our customers very happy (especially with the picnics he would pack). He would hang around at night when I had maintenance to do and help where he could. I did have to limit him (sometimes put my foot down) to the amount/type of "woody aircraft mods" he wanted to do to the aircraft but that was it. I like him and in my books he's good people.
  14. Cheap Tuesday's, Lunchbox prefers strawberries but he isn't picky when it comes to anything fruity (he has the market cornered on that). Hence the question regarding enhancement.......! The other thing isn't a 100% done deal yet but its looking very promising.
  15. R44's are the wave of the future..................don't be the last to get on board with the revolution! Benefits to R44's: Not everyone has one... Cheap initial purchase cost Lots of options and configurations Cheaper to operate Send the whole think back to the manufacturer for overhaul at 2200 hrs Easy to load and unload (removing a lunchbox and a small tool kit vs 2000 feet of hose, 10 firefighters, pumps, spare gas etc. etc.) Don't have to have a bitchy engineer with you every day after day after day If you go u/s for and hour it won't put the company under They have pa
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