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  1. I was wondering if anyone know any supplier of the LH250 intergrated with the new Bose A20 ANR/bluetooth. Here in Europe they actually build this configuration, but as always Europe = $$$$. I find it strange that I can't seem to find it awith this setup in N.America. It's really nice to have the gallet with music and cell phone connected. (My coworker has one)
  2. Hi, For those used to fly in the pure white mountains with the famous flat light. Has anyone any experience using color boxes designed only to put a colored layer on the snow for reference? Someone said they use this in certain areas, both for Heliskiing and SAR when landing in areas with risk of whiteout. Any experience and ideas appreciated for this application.
  3. Sorry, I didnt't specify all. Aicraft: AS350 Radios installed: Tecnosonic VHF/FM AIRBORNE TRANSCEIVER + ordinary VHF Ground crew: They have portable FM radios that is on frequency with the aicrafts FM radio. They also have ordinary industry helmets with ICS that connects to the FM handheld through a cord with a blue unit that you need to press for transmit. This solution works, but... We have tried to connect the Gallet helmet cord directly into this blue unit (NATO plug) but it doesnt work. So as of today when a crew member exists the aircraft, he needs to take he's gallet helmet off, put on a odrinary industry helmet, connect the FM radio. This is also the helmet he needs to work with during cargo operations. We want all of our employees to be able to use their Gallet helmet at all times. Came on this forum to see if some of you has got the optimal system/solution for this. I am not sure about the price yet, but I have found this: http://www.telephonics.com/products/trulink.asp (expensive) & http://www.tigerperformance.com/dropbox.asp
  4. Hey, Hoping that someone has the solution for what I am describing bellow. We are a onshore utility company flying mainly AS350 aicraft. Our pilots and ground crew has aviation helmets when flying. When starting up, landing somewhere, or just having ground crew on the ground while performing external load, the groundcrew has no way of communicating with the pilot except when he takes he's aviation helmet off and uses a FM radio handheld. We have some really thin helmets(industry) that can connect to the FM handheld. So atleast they have something on the head. We want to find a system. (not to expensive) that solves a lot of these problems. So the crew can keep their ordinary helmets on. Any suggestion out there?
  5. First off. Cant seem to find the forum search function on the site. We have a fleet of AS 350 B3's, with popout floats and cargo swing. Easy way of moving these aircrafts out there? Any solutions appreciated. (Except platforms) Morten
  6. Company looking for a "portable hangar" solution for AS350. Not ment to be moved every week, but more like every 6-12 months. Any suggestions, recommendations?
  7. Thx for all the answers... Does anyone have the specs for the http://www.chinookaviation.com solution? (preferably in metric)
  8. Our company is ordering a brand new B3 from Eurocopter. And since Eurocopter only deliveres the XL version of the floor window. I was hoping on some feedback on the differences.. Are they noticable, is it worth getting a new B3 and than put in either a DART or Chinook design?
  9. Hi, Does anyone have the data on the Eurocopter XL installation vs DART installation floor window? I got pictures of the DART installation, would like on the XL Eurocopter. Opinions?
  10. I said R44, but information for any type of helicopter would be of interest!
  11. Does anyone have any experience with banner towing from R44? Would be interesting to get some information about the procedure, weight, speed etc. Any approved SOP's out there? Its for a company in Europe. Thx.
  12. Thx Paul. I can't confirm it, but the guy next to me is pretty sure he heard the "gong" right after it happened.. No limits was stored as exceeded.
  13. Well, I figured most people have heard a compressor stall in a bell or astar. I've only heard it once in a 350 before. ( sounds like a thin metal plate under tension, than it pops out) 1st time I have encountered this problem in a B3. I was thinking TR failure in those 2 seconds when it happened. When I am flying and get a strong yaw with a loud sound + vibrations.. I thought of TR failure and not which way I was yawing. I can't see how it could have been a case of vortex ring due to the fact that the helicopter was in a small climb with lots of power available. It was excactly when i gave the machine some forward cyclic and added some collective power. Big bang, hard right yaw and lots of vibrations.. So far the engineers have checked the compressor which seems to be perfect. Now they are looking more into the bleed valve and FCU.
  14. Hi, was hoping for some input on a problem I had with a AS350-B3 2 days ago. I was on a photo job, hovering OGE at around 3-400 ft. ISA day. I gave gentle forward cyclic, and pulled some power when the machine suddenly made that typical "compressor stall" sound, right yaw and lots of vibrations.. At first i thought I had a TR-failure, entered auto but quickly realised the machine had both power and pedals. Landed in a field close by and inspeced. Found nothing wrong, and compressor is pretty new and was recently washed. Has anyone experienced something similar? suggestions? Thx.
  15. I agree.. What might help in the end is that you get your type rating on a BH06. Good luck.
  16. Out of curiosity, how is the season and industry looking in Canada right now? Getting better? Are you guys being hired on again ?
  17. It seems like there is a lot of unemployed pilots in Canada right now. And some like to blame the "expats". I don't know why you can't get a job. Might be the experience, attitude or simply no job available. Maybe a combo? These days it seems like Europe is kind of locked when it comes to foreign pilots. (Outside Europe). Not due to work permits, but simply due to the JAA license. For those who could be interested in Europe, it might be worth looking into. Because the way I see it, the industry over here is still hurting for pilots with experience. The only big obstacle: Conversion to JAA CPL-H. 650 hrs of ground school & 9 exams and your good to go. (You benefit if you hold an ICAO ATPL-H) Then you only need to sit the exams.
  18. NO! I had the same problem back in 2007. The "new" company have to apply for the LMO all over again. And your legally not allowed to work for another employer. (As long as its specified a specific employer on your permit)
  19. Hi. Just wondering if anyone know what the best solution is when I am moving back to Europe and want to bring my Garmin 296 with the Americas. How do I get it to show the European maps etc. ?
  20. If you are working as a flight instructor and this is the new trainer coming.. it woulden't be so bad if you had a lot of female students..
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