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    All you medium engineers, your numbers are dwindling so take advantage of it. Your daily rate is too low for the current economic conditions, what you should be charging for your highly skilled services is $1000 per day flat rate ( no flight pay ). Think about it, we should be demanding what we are worth and not just accepting what the company's going to give us.
  2. What is the going rate for a experienced Bell medium engineer?
  3. This experimental drug is gene therapy not a vaccine, wait 6 or more months and see how it affects the sheeple who take it.
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    Daily Rate

    Well so far I found a range of $350 to $400 per day and $60 per flight hour.
  5. &

    Daily Rate

    What is the average daily rate for an experienced Bell 212 A.M.E. in the hangar and out in the bush?
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    Anyone working?

    Just wondering what jobs are engineers doing to make ends meet when the industry is slim as they are now?
  7. Just wondering if there are any helos flying out in the world of uncertainties.
  8. Does anyone know what the direct operating cost of a IFR 212 in today's financial climate?
  9. Does anybody know of a Bell 212/412 differences course been held in Canada in the near future?
  10. If I remember correctly, take the slack out of the rope and then a further 5 cm. Hope it helps
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    The line is a hard plastic tubing about 3/16" in dia. it can be bent but only in a large radius. Call Madonna Helicopters in Airdrie AB. or Rilpa Ent. in Calgary and they will supply the necessary parts. Hope this helps
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    Go to CSP-IPC-4, Chapter 95-30-00, Page 6, Fig 3 Select the section you require. Also insure the revision status of the IPC is current. Hope this helps
  13. I have been using a Pelican 1610 case for a year, and it is holding up well to the airline abuse. The only shortfall is lack of compartments and pockets.
  14. Try Green Mountain Aviation Products in Victoria B.C. Larry Travis - owner They make quality products.
  15. Reflecting back to the Buffalo Airways machines, OCA and the Hughes 500D painted in the pride of America paint scheme. The people who crewed it would of been Al Engst, Cam Allen, Mike Duff, Doug B and Dave Reid. That was a few fires ago. dirofmtce
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