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  1. How would you feel with that kind or start up??? video After take off it seems the RPM dosen't stop decreasing but I guess its simply normal with that bird.
  2. Barfffff Here's a quick link for a thing that you might have seen during your carreer. Quite a load :shock:
  3. Just a quick tread to let you know how happy I am to be graduated from the Leadership school of the Canadian Forces and how more happy I am to be posted to the 430 Squadron Tachel in Valcartier :punk: . I know its been a while since my last post here, but I want to wish you all a great X-Mas and many good time with your family and friends. Take Care P-O
  4. #1: Ec-130 #2: B412 #3: S-54 But give me any helicopter and I'm happy.
  5. I think its owned by the German police, I've read it somewhere but just can't find it.
  6. T-Rex, did you're B3 went for nothing???
  7. I just heard that some machine have been sent out without calling the "SOPFEU" prior departure to ask them if they needed more machine and apparently, some got returned home because the SOPFEU had enough. I just wanna make something clear, I never told anybody to send their machine out without contacting the SOPFEU initially. It makes me feel like I kicked the industry in the nuts. In other words the situation sucks. I sincerely regret if any company loss time and money by sending helicopter out for nothing.
  8. You really dont need to speak french. Dont even worry about language barrier, all that matter is the fire suppression. Give them a call they'll surely appreciate it. Thx
  9. I'll sure be waiting for that keg. I was also wondering what company you work for? Thx again for your help, and the "keg"
  10. I heard via the news that there isn't any helicopter left available in North America to help fight Quebec's fire. Once again if you got any machine waiting for a job maybe you should give a call to 418-871-3341. Thx again P.S.If my topic has been useful for your company please let me know.
  11. Just a quick post to inform you that there's a many major fire spreading in northern Quebec at the moment. Map The real problem is that the Cl-415 pilot are in disagreement with the Forest fire Protection Society, so they've decided to land in some airport of there choice, witch really slow the process of fighting these fire. So if you work for a company that got some helicopter not working, it could be interesting to call: 418-871-3341. They're desperatly looking for helicopter to work on the fire. Just my way of saving some trees. Thx
  12. Weird to think that I waved her good bye, when she left CYRQ for the contract. I was doing my closing procedure of the airport and she was preparing the A-Star. Take care up there lady...
  13. Hopefully I'll be flying these baby. I just can't wait to see the first one delivered to the CAF.
  14. It's called: Straight-Up, Helicopter in Action. I've watch that DVD 1000 times and will do again, just awesome shots. Definetly a must :punk:
  15. I know it might sound off topic but I would like to know from you ex or current military pilot guys if I can fail the BOT???? What to excpect and how to be best prepared. BTW I know its not off topic but concidering the last 2 pages of this topic, wich contains some incredible IN YOUR FACE sentence.... I must admit I had quite a laugh.
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