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  1. Anyone here been to PNG lately??? Full of Canadians, they are slowly improving the local gene pool
  2. Another thing I found with the 500 was that if you had some waypoints spelt with capitals & some in lowercase, it wouldn't predict some words, and I agree with the navigating through waypoints often, it was a pain. I used the plastic end of my ball point pen to type on the touch screen, works way better than big fingers, I just tried to be careful so not to scratch the screen, but works great as a stylus.
  3. One of our machines has the 500, I don't like it at all, not nearly as easy to navigate to waypoints etc, I prefer the 296. But maybe over time I will get used to it........ but not anytime soon, none of the other pilots like it much either.
  4. Here is a more suspect use of a machine @ minute 3:15, guess the 44 isn't much good at pine tree pruning? The rest are just more people after a Darwin's award, bet you cant watch without saying ouch! http://biertijd.com/mediaplayer/?itemid=29791
  5. This is always a can of worms. It depends on who you work for and what country you work in, as it has been said before, I couldn't care less what the next guy wants to write in his log book, but I have always used air time in mine, mainly because thats what is done in the country I trained in, and the CAA would check your log book hours off against the aircraft tech log hours at audit time, so if you logged all the hours you sat on the ground either loading people, spray, fueling or what ever, it wouldn't match up, then you would have some explaining to do! And to those who are about to s
  6. Not much I agree with here, especially about the coffee, it sucks!!! You take a gamble with any company in PNG, none are perfect, the whole country is corrupt, starting from right at the top - down, just the way it is there. And I also don't agree about hating Canuks working in PNG, as said, there are plenty there already, every one is in the same boat, it is a foreign country!
  7. Although it seems you haven't done much investigating via google to see who is in PNG, I will give you a few ideas. Yes there is Pacific, but I think they may only have 1 x 212, could be wrong, I also hear they have all had a pay rise there. There is also a gaggle of other companies running 212's there also, try Hevilift, Heli Niugini, Heli Fix. There's a start for you.
  8. Year round employment, a warm climate, 28/28 schedule & a steady decent monthly income has made me go moving drills else where.
  9. So after reading this thread over the last few days, I have finally got sick of shaking my head in awe at some of these posts and decided to chip in to the debate. I haven't bothered to look at statistics or the back rounds of any instructors etc so these are just my observations. So... it seems, going by the EXPERTS on here that "all" the "US of A" flight instructors & training schools aren't worth their weight in gold and that the ONLY country in the world that has quality instructors and training is Canada??? Well I am sure all the neighbours to the South would probably
  10. From another forum, not quite what you asked for.
  11. Not sure about NZ'ers getting 2 years here, as far as I know (unless it has changed this year), they only get a 1 year work permit. And it is a one off, you don't get it again. I can't speak for the Ozies or Poms/Limeys.
  12. Here's a link for ya. http://www.casa.gov.au/fcl/download/cplh_requirements.pdf
  13. Kugluktuk......every time I went in there they were out side smoking. But I guess it's not quite as busy as OJ.
  14. I agree with you coastdog The only thing that I can give the 407 is that it is a little quicker & easier for long lining, for me anyway, as I tend to slow up just a little earlier in the astar when bringing in a load. Other than that, I would hop in an astar any day given the choice of the 2, as it is more comfortable, better for loading gear into and easier to access the engine etc, and its nice to have a locker to put YOUR gear in and no one else removes it for you! Now the Koala is another matter, only had a short go in one but they are a nice ship for sure!
  15. No problem.....just pm me, I will come and fill in for ya for a while, I'm always keen to help out a fellow pilot
  16. I guess by that you are meaning their 'tongue in cheek sense of humor'?
  17. Um, not sure if that is exactly correct or not....what about training pilots not yet licensed, they sit in the PIC seat and perform starts? (Just nit picking) On the flight/air time thing, I have only ever put air time (the same as what is in the aircraft journey log) into my log book. If transport Canada wanted to do a check on your total time or time credited to an endorsement etc, they would have to check the time in your log book against the aircraft you said you flew, and if you are logging flight/revenue time in your book, it ain't going to match up! So not sure how you ge
  18. Well there you are, with the hanger 100 meters from the Pacific ocean and often doing fire work, I think it was worth while doing the washes, and every country has its own rules as I am sure you know, and in NZ it is approved. :punk: Thanks for that, wasn't going to bother elaborating on that.
  19. Ok Ok I have had my little bit of fun. Yes I did do compressor washes, but as I said it was with previous employers, and those companies are not in Canada, so there are different rules applying there. We didn't have an engineer employed by the company, we out sourced the maintenance like most of the other small companies. Once we were checked off to perform the wash by the engineer we were allowed to do them our selves. Yes, I am aware of the steps, one 500 we had, had two we taps on the pc lines that you turned off so was easy, you didn't need to remove the line while doing the
  20. I'm with heliben there I have been shifting one around over the last few weeks, hooked 2 legs of a for point into two holes at the stern, (doesn't have handles on the back unfortunately) flys good and straight, the bow acts like a keel. Just be ready for it to take off when lifting off and placing it down, warn the receiver to watch out!
  21. You guys are to EASY to get going! Since when is it a concern of yours, as to whether my training was up to speed? What ever Once again, reading more into the post than was said, that was just answering Elvis's "accidental start" question.
  22. Who said anything about "only" using water? Our friendly local engineer did the initial training/approval then we were good to go. It's not rocket science is it? No igniter, no fuel = no go
  23. I have done many compressor washes as a pilot, at one company I worked for we would do them at least every couple of weeks, on a 500 and astar. Whether we needed to do them that often, I'm not sure, but it's no big deal. You engineer types are just way to sensitive about the thought of anyone else touching a helicopter. The machines had wash kits in them I guess, so you didn't have to point the the washer nozzle in to the intake, as it was hard mounted there for you, just needed someone else to hit the starter.
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