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  1. I just received a new license booklet from TC, my current one doesn't expire until March 2019. I didn't ask for a new one yet. Is TC issuing early regardless? There is no changes to my current license, other than the new one has no medical in it or competency record as expected. I'm just curious. Blade
  2. Yup, same issue here not able to on iPhone, iPad nor iMac using Firefox. On the iMac I can login using Safari.
  3. I tried logging in as well, to no avail, but I switched browsers and was able to get in using Safari, not my trusty Firefox though. It is current as well, so not sure what else to do.
  4. Well, after reading your post and your questions, the one thing that stands out is the question "Is it futile to try since I don't have any multi engine time?" If you do not have any multi time, then its extremely difficult to get hired. Some companies if they are backed into a corner and absolutely require a pilot may hire a single engine driver with IFR and night. They will only do this is the oil company (who pays the bills) will allow a low time pilot to fly their people offshore. Get multi time, bottom line!! You will need your IFR and night. As far FAA is concerned, this will give you more freedom, only if you have a green card to go with it! If you get hired by a Canadian company and they need you to fly N registered helicopters, they will pay to get your FAA licenses in place. Going about it yourself does not necessarily open the doors to doubling your opportunities. I can't help you with costs. If its only the 2 ATPL exams and the IFR, it is a little more than $300, plus medical. If flight hours are required then that is added cost. There is no cheap way, unless you luck in. Canadian companies offering offshore is Cougar, pseudo-Canadian is CHC. S76 experience is Helijet and AW139 is found either by Ornge of STARs. Getting these endorsements will guarantee offshore employment, again only if you have the hours to support what the oil companies allow. I'm not that conversant of the hour requirement, it changes but someone can add that here, I think its usually 3000 hrs TT, 1500 multi, 500 hrs type, and 1000 hrs PIC with 100 hrs on type for Capt. Hope this helps and good luck.
  5. Is this a touring job or resident? Milan says about 5 hrs a tour?? Where about in the Caribbean? Perhaps would be better than current gig in YPR!
  6. Yup, "Lima" an A model is up here until the C+ gets here in the summer. Does the job, but sure do miss the automation!!
  7. Just on my second week here in "The Rupe" and the transition seems pretty smooth. The paramedics are all great, most have been down to Seal Cove to get a briefing on the 76. Downtown, everyone is curious about Helijet coming in, nothing bad, but the odd person mentioning "too bad". Oh well, times do change. Helijet also has a LongRanger up here for some VFR work, and is busy tidying up and putting their stamp on things. On the flying side, the Province is happy with a scene call we did up here on the Yellowhead near Rainbow Lake, you may have heard about the young 15 YOF that was killed in an MVA on Saturday, that's the one. She succumbed to her injuries at the hospital. The first crew in put up 22 hours in 12 days here, not bad, mind you, it seems I'm stuck on the SC-YPR-Hosp run a lot these days. lots of 6 minute trips!!
  8. Reddog said: How about having both! The EH101 for me with all the features, comfy, coffee, crapper, and cot!
  9. Well put Hover-pig. Mission dictates requirement for the skill to be used. Long-line isn't one that comes to mind here, but in the Pacific region, the trees are mighty big, and 300' of cable is needed, that's where the long-line skill is best suited, besides, the amount of rotorwash the Cormorant puts down, one would need 500' of long-line to prevent blowing things over down below. :shock:
  10. I recently got my ATPL(H) and INRAT and was wondering if the AIM and CAP Gen are publications that are sent out just for having a current license, or do i have to subscribe and buy them? I remember when the AIP was sent out with all those bloody amendments. If they are, how do I notify TC to start sending them to me.
  11. Thanks CD, Max, That is exactly what I was looking for. I finished my INRAT, and there was no question regarding this on it. Passed it with only a few errors. Thanks to all that helped.
  12. Thanks Ryan, I am pretty confident with applying any of the minima, howver, i wouldn't want to get is wrong on the test tomorrow.
  13. I have been studying for my INRAT, I am writing tomorrow morning and one of the things that has me a little confused is the alternate weather minima. I am so used to applying the 600-2, 800-2 and the standard minima to this, and I have no problems, now I am reading the AIM and in it is a little table with this: FOR HELICOPTERS - ceiling 200 ft above teh minimum for the approach and visibility at least 1 SM, but never less than the minimum visibility for the approach to be flown. Does this mean that I no longer use the 600-2, 800-2, etc for alternate requirements? Am I to use 200-1 all the time now. Am I missing something here? I am converting from military to civilian flying and we never used this, always apply the precision, non-precision minima and could 1/2 the visibility for choppers. Any insight would be greatly appreciated before tomorrow. Thanks
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