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  1. i wouldn't say you have to distort the shell. but as you put it on, you pull a little on the earcups to accomodate getting it on your head, makes for a nice fit on your head. that's what the keyholes are for, to make it possible to do such. i gather that mine, when it did get cold and "shrunk" that i had to pull it open a bit more to fit it onto my head. h3ll, one time in g.p. it just was NOT going to go onto my head!! had to warm it up a bit. and i don't leave it outside. it just wasn't that warm in the motorhome to begin with!
  2. around the top of the "keyholes" in back. hairline cracks. deosn't have to be off your head too long in cold weather, helmet gets quite stiff. mine was made in 2005...bad day for the composite mix??? not happy with the cracks, but really like the helmet overall.
  3. that's a nice post....i'll second that whole heartedly! :up:
  4. if you are able to help out somewhere, outside of your normal "job description"...why not?? team work and earning respect. you may have to a hundred times before it's reciprocated...but so what.
  5. well said BR, :up: that is, to me, the definition of a team!! i think a few places could benefit from printing that out and hanging it on the wall.
  6. i'd have to say counter clockwise, as the first video shows the machine shut down and you can see the trailing edge of the main rotors.
  7. lmao... yep...goodness me...if that machine in your pic was parked on the grass instead of the tarmac...would never have seen it.
  8. me thinks the camoflage part of this paint scheme redundant....
  9. :shock: that cessna just carried on through like he was on a sunday drive (didn't even flintch)! i'm guessing both pilots thought the other was going to give way, (momentary lapse of procedure??). glad to see someone caught glimpse of the other, could've been a real mess.
  10. try this site...i hope it helps you. http://www.lifesupportintl.com/ in the column on the left...under the header 'safety'...click 'life preservers'...then click 'helicopter aircrew' good luck.
  11. i'll second that! wholeheartedly. while i feel my training was some of the better out there, and i enjoyed it, i wish it had been more diversified. so i could have had a broader foundation on which to build on. "the future's lookin' so bright....... "
  12. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ccf_1199757656 :punk:
  13. mechanical error or pilot error,(demonstrating he's not in complete control), either way,.... he comes back and does a low, short hover over people!!??.......idiot! :down:
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