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  1. Accident

    Well their "sister" company was selling B2s at 748.00 per hour not that long ago. Is that not a good rate?
  2. Northern airline operators threatened by 'stupid' Transport Canada rules, says advocacy group https://www-cbc-ca.cdn.ampproject.org/c/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.4298642
  3. A great pilot, teacher, inspector, person and friend has left us. My condolences to his family and friends.
  4. ORNGE Crash

    If I'm not mistaken, the local fixed wing operator safely departed and returned to that same airport not long after the accident was reported...without NVGs
  5. ORNGE Crash

    There were so many failures identified in the TSB report (on behalf of management and the regulator) leading up to this accident that I find hard to beleive that this is the only avenue they are taking.. This was a standard IFR departure from a fully equipped airport. To state that such a departure can't be accomplished safely without night vision goggles is a bit of an exaggeration in my opinion. How many of these flights are accomplished safely every day worldwide,...ensuring pilots are trained, current and proficient is what allows that to occur. Would NVG have been another tool that pilots could have used? Maybe. You also have a regulator who identified findings related to deficiencies prior to this, didn't follow their own surveillance procedures and allowed the operator to remain in non compliance (or so they claim) for extended periods of time. The civil litigation should be interesting http://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/aviation/2013/a13h0001/a13h0001.asp
  6. "Unlike larger airports with control towers operating in controlled airspace, St. Thomas is uncontrolled. This means that you do not require a clearance from Air Traffic Control before taking off on a flight. ATC controlled airports such as London, Kitchener, and Buttonville can be quite busy at times and you may be sitting on the ground with the rotors turning waiting for a clearance to go flying. Why is this significant? Because all flight schools charge the student for flight time, which is the time the rotors are turning not the time you are actually in the air flying so your hard earned training dollar may be burning up along with the helicopter’s fuel waiting for that flight clearance." http://centralhelicoptertraining.com/about-us/location/
  7. http://www.mondaq.com/canada/x/592054/Health+Safety/Ornge+Stands+Trial+For+Their+Role+In+May+2013+Crash+That+Killed+Four+Personnel
  8. Blue Blocker Glasses

    If you're considering polarized lenses this Safety Information from Airbus may be relevant: http://agilisaero.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/3007-S-00-Rev-0-EN.pdf
  9. Text from HAC Letter to Stephen Fletcher P.C., M.P. Minister of State for Transport, titled Regulatory Irritants, dated January 30/13 Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting CADORS Please note that for the most part, CADORS reports contain preliminary, unconfirmed data which can be subject to change The above statement appears at the bottom of each CADOR report issued on the website. Generally speaking these initial reports contain incorrect information. Frequently these occurrences are written up and distributed without verification. The first call an operator gets from their PMI or POI is based on this supplied information. Time and resources are spent first of all, checking the accuracy of the report then supplying the accurate information to the PMI/POI. Issue: Accuracy checking of CADORS Reports before making them public. These unsubstantiated reports are immediately available to the public and others. Any immediate corrected information is not immediately made available. After-the-fact changes to a CADORS report are difficult to address or get changed as there is no clear responsibility on who has authority to make changes and or more importantly which organization can authorize a change to be made. Customers and Media react to these unsubstantiated CADORs very quickly. The reputation of the operator and future business is affected immediately by an incorrect CADORS Report. The inability to have its accuracy verified by the principal parties prior to publishing can put persons responsible for safety and airworthiness in a position of first correcting the report, then placating and reporting to TCCA POI/PMIs instead of immediate actions to correct or prevent re-occurrence. The direct impact on aviation safety is that the current process diverts the attention of persons who can affect positive change away from the immediate problem and towards being defensive over unsubstantiated and incorrect CADORs. Transport Canada has been approached on this issue in the regions and at headquarters. The operator has approached their PMI and a Safety officer with System Safety in Pacific Region. Both these persons were sympathetic to the operators concerns but had no official power to overturn or change a CADOR when another agency expressed reluctance. A suggestion was made to the operators PMI to have a scheduled hold on CADORs before going on the official website and providing public access. During this period the principals could respond to address accuracy with the PMI/POI until the principals and the POI/PMI approve it. A time period (3 business days) could be agreed on and if there was no operator response, the CADORS report could go out as written.
  10. And the discussion continues in the US. Sounds like the standard you're held to depends on which company you work for http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/20103-logging-pic-time-employers-rule/page-1#
  11. Fair enough. Why not enlighten us: What time goes in your daily Flight time records that your are required to keep under CARs 700.15? Or do those records also not exist? How about if you chose to do a 15 hr duty day and your air time is 8 but the time your billing (blades turning at the controls) is 10. Which one goes in your flight time/duty time records?
  12. Is This A Flying Position

    "Right fighter"? Is that something like. Jedi Knight? Like my father before me. I'm sorry he feels that way. I actually enjoyed and agreed with many of his past posts. Just not In agreement with this one; particularly the title.
  13. Is This A Flying Position

    With all due respect. I thought their initial ad was pretty clear that they wanted a 100 hour pilot to apply. That was the title of the post. I have yet to see an ad (anywhere) looking for a 100 hour pilot to fly... have you? For that reason alone, I thought the initial ad (and the companies intentions were quite clear.... Maybe we're splitting hairs but I still don't see what you had issue with. Anyway, like I said this is nothing new and has received more attention than it deserves in my opinion. One positive: you wouldn't beleive how many resumes I received this week (from pilots of varying experience levels). Several of the cover letters mentioned their positive attitude, willingness to work hard and hiw mechanically inclined they were. Apparently a few pilots on here have figured out who I am. Then again I haven't really kept it a secret. Lol Fly safe
  14. Is This A Flying Position

    Oh oh. Looks like it's not a camp internet problem. Are we starting to see the beginning of the website problems again. Mod can you remove the first one. Thanks,
  15. Is This A Flying Position

    You mean like the organization that posted this ad. Can't believe the attention this is getting. What exactly is the problem with advertising for a 100 hr pilot for a ground crew position? This ad could have easily been 1 of ours and I definitely wouldn't have changed it because someone decided they didn't like it and started a forum about it. The fact is though I don't really need any low time guys right now I have several (with great attitudes) who have been on staff from past seasons. Each one likely deserves a chance at PIC (unfortunately the stars haven't aligned). With that being said, there are some success stories.... I also have several pilots (flying) on staff who started just like this. Better watch out they are pretty good and might be coming for your job soon enough lol. I might actually have an opening if there is a 100 hr guy with a DZ license...but those are few and far between. Cue the criticism