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  1. I've used them for about 5 years now, both in the air and on the ground. My last hearing test (2 weeks ago) showed no change for the last 5 years. They are a challenge to get a flight helmet on with but if you can get the CEP put in them it would be money well spent. If anyone spends a thousand dollars on a flight helmet, three hundred dollars isn't much of a hardship if you amortize them over five years. Shop arround for sure i think if there is no change in your ear canal shape replacements are cheap, i lost one once and all i had to do was call in with my serial number and a Visa card and the new one showed up within three days, if i remember correctly.

  2. I do Air Opperations in Jasper National Park and unfortunately private Helicopters require a permit to land in a National Park. Unless landing at the airport, then Unicom freq. is all that is required 123.200 When on Parks business no permit required, usually opperators will check in with our dispatch center entering our airspace. kjw57 looks like the Airspan fleet at Waterton, have spent a lot of time with Paul on JKN and Jean-Marc, good company and highly skilled plots. Hope to see them this sumer again!


    Scott Sherlow

    Air Opps.

    Fire Mangement

    Jasper National park

  3. I do Air Opperations in the National Parks in Canada and just picked up a helmet last year. Constantly in and out and arround helicopters it also allows me to plug into the ships coms and keeps me from yelling while the rotors are turning during hot refueling. Might look over the top, but from a health and safety perspective I feel better wearing it!

  4. Gary Watson, my dad worked as a radio opperator for Panarctic out of Rae Point for most of my life. Must have been the late 60's early 70's until about 83. He missed the crew change when PAZ went down on final, he still talks about that till this day. I think the name of the site superintendant was Ed Bougiac. I remember my dad talking about him... a real piece of work that guy. I worked for Panarctic in 84 doing rig cleanups at Cisco and Skate, my first helicoper trip was on Oki PZK a 206 on contract with Panarctic... Please let there be another oil boom, I promise I won't piss this one away!


    Thanks for the pictures brought back some good memories...

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