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  1. As quoted from Short Circuit...."NEED INPUT"...only less NEED and more "looking for" Thank you for looking in to the question and taking the time to answer. Off on the info-hunt!
  2. I didn't realize the 'flipside' to seeking CAMTS accreditations. If CAMTS is not the route chosen for accreditation / third party consideration of practices - what are some of the other routes company's can take / have taken to instill the same kind of checks and balances?
  3. Rivetting was a traumatically frustrating, devastating challenge in college...though I've reasonably mastered it since, it still gives me the queezies. I really resent shoddy work-especially when its my own! Glad the post was positively received..I always fear that some comment about being long winded will come up instead; but I hope that the long stints where I'm not around balance it all out somehow.
  4. Look up International Aviation Transport Association - they have all sorts of courses from security to SMS: Try here, hope the link works, these courses are given all over the world : http://www.iata.org/training/Pages/airline.aspx
  5. Having both ratings has not affected my 'daily duties' . Though, I've tended to be the 'odd one out' by actually being interested in taking on electrical snags. Snags have some engineers run screaming in the other direction; or put-off troubleshooting while it still mostly works (as a kind-of 'mostly working isn't broken, so don't touch it' rule...that usually means it will break when the piece is needed most). I've ventured more into the E side than the S side. Being most familiar with Bell, there is a lot of work that can be accomplished under the ESPM and the SPM and even the MM
  6. I prefer to work with plasma line, a sheath and an external cable inside the sheath. From my short years of experience, the sheath protects the line from dirt and sunlight, the cable can be fixed when the remote hook won't work and the plasma line is lighter and easier for me to hoof around. The problems I run into are some pilots get frustrated real fast when flying an empty line. They want to go tearing across the sky as fast as they would without a line and therefore complain bitterly about the sheathed lines and how poorly they fly empty. I can't count the amount of times I've be
  7. I found the thread surprisingly interesting; and cleared up some doubts about what I had previously understood. Cap, You are truly a wealth of information, those engineers/pilots/aviation tech and buffs like you, that delve so deeply into the why's and wherefore's, can really give a hand-up to newer generations in shared experience and hindsight (as it always seems to be 20/20). Personally, a yes/no answer doesn't do it for me....I like history lessons and for an information-hungry apprentice that became an engineer I would still volunteer to clean dead bird carcasses from your aircraft; and
  8. It was explained to me, when looking at the Grunman Trackers that have been hoarded by Conair for Fire Trackers. military ships may have 'recommended lives' on their tracked components, but those same components may be run on an O/C-no time life basis as the need requires. Because of the dubiousness of a components history, that made for the stipulation that any military machine being switched over to civilian registration requires that all tracked/life'd components to be scrapped (not overhauled) and replaced with new/overhauled civilian ones. Sheetmetal followed much of the same 'spe
  9. The guys I worked with at Conair were fabulous!!! They'd bring me a CinnZeo (when there still was a CinnZeo in the area) or every once and a while let me in on a really cool job-like getting a DC-6 ready for first start up of the year; prop and power checks, giving me a clip board with all the info I needed to take on the test flight...made me want to work harder for them. When I did my job, then they could do their job, and everything would go smoothly. I was hired as an aircraft groomer, and I did the s*** jobs...that was just the way it was. I knew I would take my schooling, then I'
  10. Most tedious job ever: Logged over 100 hours of sanding Astar canopies and cowls for repair prep...most of it hand sanding and in consecutive eight hour days. Longest single job ever: Cleaning all the longerons, stringers and internal airframe in the a$$ end of a Firecat for paint prep while it underwent a turbine conversion: spent six weeks in close communication with a toothbrush. Most Painful Job ever: Two weeks spent paint stripping parts using a dark purple nasty goo; and really hot water to wash them...near the end, and on the last pair, didn't realize the inside
  11. Worst job: When I was just the lowly cleaner.....behind the aft pressure bulkhead in a firefighting DC-6 there are anti-ice ducts for the vertical stab. In this particular aircraft, these ducts were blocked off or plugged. This plug is lovingly referred to as the 'coffee can'. An engineer had opened up the inspection panel of the bulkhead, flicked his flashlight over the area, put the bulkhead panel back on and handed me the screwdriver with a "you have fun with that" look on his face. I re-opened the panel, stuffed my light inside and realized that the 'coffee can' had exploded due to a
  12. I'll send an email to give the original poster of the video a heads up: I'm sure he'd be fine with posting it again.
  13. hmm....214 uses a grapple sometimes too. referred to by the crew as the "iron chokerman" if I remember correctly.
  14. I started my apprenticeship in Lights: astars and 206's. I finished my apprenticeship working on mediums and worked another year as an un-endorsed engineer in the hangar. I got frusterated at the unendorsed part; so I bought myself an Astar course-The DOM kept telling me that I had to go back to Lights before I'd be allowed on mediums. Someone higher up didn't like that at all. That person helped me get into a 212 course that I paid for myself as well; and supposedly, I had the chance to go out on the medium if I would have stayed on a little longer. I got impatient and de-myst
  15. Girlfriends can be so lacking in understanding sometimes....
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