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  1. I'm with you man, if you want a job....go get it. Whats the worst they can say, no? cheers MG
  2. how can a long ranger be a beauty....did it grow an extra blade? Did the rotor system start turning the other way???..... lol cheers MG
  3. I'm far too busy trying to spot other helicopters to report to the Community here at vertical to worry about a silly thing like a stable hover.....c'mon cheers MG
  4. I'm glad you corrected that....I couldnt find it on the map anywhere....
  5. 44's are like mopeds....fun to ride but you don't want your friends seeing you riding it...lol cheers MG
  6. 2007, I have personally out lifted a long ranger in a 120.
  7. Fort McMurray and Fort Chipewan I think that how you spell it but seriously....who cares!!!!
  8. What kind of world to we live in when we can't even expence the odd lap dance!!!! lol
  9. I wonder if there is a appropriate software for a contract pilot to do accounting in house. Any suggestions would be great. Additional advice for a beginer from you experienced contractors would be fantastic!! MG
  10. Cap, Certainly not talking about you. I am refering to those who are talking out of school. The ones who are taking information from others who are not informed and are still forming a opinion. MG
  11. How about flying the a/c for a couple 100 hours and then make some jugment call???? If this machine had more hp then you guys would say that the baggage compartment is too small of that they should widen the back seat to make sure that no one is cramped back there.... If this thing had more hp then the BA would not be as popular then Eurocopter would lose out on the support of a different type, that's would be bad buisness. I have a fair ammount of time in this machine in all weather conditions(no, not in the mountains). It's great i've out preformed some longrangers with this thing.
  12. I gotta add something here and I know its not related but I feel necessary. In this world of cell phones with video and still cameras build in why do things with a helicopter that you don't want any one to see? It's not just your job on the line after all..... MG
  13. I'm with the other guys!!! If you are in a position to influence others with your flying abilities than you should not be doing thing that are a easy way for a junior pilot to have a roll over, ect.... This kind of stuff is not impressive, the guy who set the top of the CN tower...that was impressive...the guy that preforms a nice clean approach profile to a hospital pad to drop off a life in the balance...now that's flying!!! The boring flights that get you where you want to go with your passengers are the ones that get you respect in the long run. The short ones that result in hammer h
  14. If you increase the size of a peice of garbage it just turns into a bigger peice of garbage.....
  15. MrMike When you get "that good" you will realise that that type of flying is a unnessesary risk! That guy is doing some impressive flying but there is a fine line between a awesome pilot and a jackass that was fooling around and got himself and his passengers killed. I'm finding some inconsisancys between some posts here. As I recall there was a video here of a 500 doing a river run and not only did the guy get fired but some people were criticising the pilot on his unsafe practices. There was a other video of a river run in a jetranger where the guy was draging his skid in the river
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