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  1. I try very hard to impress on new students, the importance of maintaining their integrity and protecting their ***-ets, but I get them when they are paying me. I think the pressure is greater when they are pushed by those who are paying them.
  2. Well you have to admit they are improving. The wrong strech of asphalt is better than the wrong airport. :hide:
  3. Centennial Flight Centre is under new ownership and is still providing the best flight instruction in the Edmonton area. OK I'm a little biased. But the rumours of our demise have been grossly overstated. Probably by our competitors who have to take pot shots just to stay in the game. PM me if you would like my more complete (biased ) opinion.
  4. I never fly 'high'. It will never be said that I was 'one toke over the line'!
  5. Flight training manual exercise 20: Illusions Created by Drift. I'm still wondering why an aircraft would lose lift simply due to the direction of a turn relative to the ground. Upwind / downwind , are terms of reference to the ground, not the aircraft. As Twotter mentioned, to maintain a constant radius to an object fixed on the ground would require some manoeuvering, whereas the baloon reference Charles gave would be in the same moving airmass and not require a change in aircraft attitude to maintain a constant radius. So, How does turning one way cause a loss of lift whe
  6. O K, the reason that I ask this question is that some Anal Tree Hugger called the Environmental Protection people who are now watching us, and we have been told that it is illegal to dump the ounce or two of fuel onto the Asphalt in front of our hanger. So far I believe that we are the only ones being watched so the other several hundered ounces that are spilled every day are O K. Just my opinion but I think there is a reason that the word environmental includes the word MENTAL. Charles I agree totally with your point, and I bet the Tree Hugger and the caller from EPA both d
  7. What do 'YOU' do with the fuel samples you drain from your tanks during a pre-flight inspection? I AM INTERESTED IN BOTH WHAT YOU DO WITH IT AND YOUR OPINION ON HOW YOU FEEL IT IMPACTS THE ENVIRONMENT. :hide:
  8. Use the controls to move the probe up and down(above and below) the wing and forward and aft. you will be able to see the difference in velocity. The illustration (ie. lines moving in diagram) is not representative of the actual results. These results are from actual testing in a wind tunnel. There is another model that I looked at some time ago where the graphics were representative of the results. I might just see if I can find that for you.
  9. Check out the model and you will see that the air does not get to the back at the same time. That is one of the major points that is proven.
  10. http://www.lerc.nasa.gov/WWW/K-12/aerosim/...plet/vj402.html This should be the link. It is referred to as: FoilSimApplet If this does not work for you search: Bernoulli, simulator, lift Scroll through until you find reference to the Applet. It's kind of interesting.
  11. You may want to do a little surfing: check out NASA web site and search for references to Bernoulli. There is a neat little model that NASA came up with from actual wind tunnel testing. This is an interactive model that lets you change Camber and Angle of attack and see the effect they have on airflow over and under the wing. The old theory also states that the air has to go faster over the top because it has further to go and it must get to the back at the same time as the air going under. (Why, we don't know!) In the model you will see that in fact the air going over is accellera
  12. Begin the descent and the recovery from the descent with the same order of steps: Power, Attitude, Trim If you change attitude first to begin the descent the aircraft will begin to accelerate (not usually desirable). If you change the attitude first in the recovery the aircraft will begin to decelerate (also not usually desirable). Work with momentum not against it. :hide:
  13. Kyle, I was about to ask you why I wasn't getting the wind socks, but when I tried to reply I realized I had to login first, and VOILA. Looks good. Don :up:
  14. Anyone (other than company employees) who has flown the Challenger, I am interested in hearing your opinion/evaluation of the experience. I prefer to hear the positive more than the negative, but if there are negative comments, I would appreciate hearing some details. I am thinking of getting into Ultralights and this one interests me.
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