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  1. Good Info here, oil pressure just blew my mind. I recently recieved my ATPL-H. Though I have all the previously stated requirements for unrestricted, I don't have a current IFR. Some Questions Would it say "restricted" somewhere on my ATPL-H ? because I don't see it written anywhere, OR is it just considered restricted because theres no Group 4 associated on my ATPL-H ? Also. In my shiny new Aviation Document my Commercial Fixed Wing has a Group 1 Instrument valid to Feb 1, 2007. I have held a restricted IFR rating in the military since then. Do I have to write the INRAT
  2. perhaps Cristians In Action. There's a few being flown by the US military, and various other U.S. government agencies. Mind you their 'work' is mostly out of the country, but some training is done in the states. As for the particular aircraft you describe, I have no idea.
  3. If you don't land a chinook 'back end first' your in for a real treat. And as far as 'feel' goes, if you do it right your trading sight for the feeling of the back end touching the ground as the dust ball envelopes you. reporters
  4. The program is open to ex-reg force heli pilots because they're the easiest to get back into circulation. civy commercial heli pilots with a minimum of 500 hr heli and an IFR rating can send in resumes, but there is no bell 206 contract in place at this time, so there is no way to train the new guys. it's being worked on though. Rob I would continue with the training your doing, but keep in touch with the 408 res recruiter until they get the 206 contract back online [provided you meet the mins] cheers
  5. I've seen huge ego's in civy and military, not much difference. alot of military guys don't know how good they have it though in regards to pay and benifits. alot of the younger ones think the grass is greener on the other side. though the reg force pilots of late have spent a very long time in the training system, due to it's shortcomings. I wouldn't have joined the reg force simply because of the wait for wings. if you look at say a 5 year captain [rank] pilot at 408 sqn on the reg force side. roughly salary $8008 a month post living diff
  6. class A reserve is 4 days to 14 days a month casual. class B is full time in Canada. contracts can be a couple weeks to couple years. you can actually get out of them with 30 days notice. Class C full time training to deploy or deployed out of Canada. reg force pay. locked in for duration of contract. A degree was not a requirement when i joined two years ago. pensionable at 30 years of service, the regs are 25 now. I think the failure rates have to do with the civilian heli industry producing mostly VFR bush guys who do their jobs **** well. sure there are some civy guys doing
  7. thats a tough one. it varies greatly for individuals in the squadron. 125-400 hours in the last 365 days is sort of the spread. depends on many things. however with deployments things can go gangbusters. a buddy of mine flying chinooks with the RAF was doing a +100 hrs a month in the sandbox. Nice thing is that regardless of how many hours you fly the pay stays the same, with annual raises and lots of benifits. deployments are tax free with added incentives. cheers
  8. $678 a month that is. also Reserve pay is typicaly 85% of reg force pay. Cheers
  9. depends what your looking for. Don't know if the program is still open for non ex-reg force pilots at the moment. Your an officer first, pilot second. historicaly about 80% of heli-cop pilots fail instrument or low level nav. Could be a huge waste of your time, Basic training [13ish weeks] heli ground school in portage [2 weeks] Sea Survival [1 Week] Aero Medical [1 week] Basic Survival [1 week] Wings on a jetranger [depends on aircraft/instructor availability, I got my wings after flying the jetranger for two and a half months as I was available full time. others have taken over a
  10. I have well over the required 50 hrs x-country and 40 hrs instrument aswell as the INRAT written. So I'm just wondering if a certain amount would need to be helicopter only or is it as simple as training to a recommend and then a ride with an examiner ? cheers
  11. What would it take for someone to get the Group 4 IFR if they have an Group 1 which lapsed in Feb 2007 ? As far as I understand I have two years before having to write again. I hold commercial fixed wing with about 3500 hrs. Was an IFR training Captain on Navajos, and I have the Commercial Heli with Night rating and about 800hrs on robbies. Also any training schools out west, I'm in edmonton. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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