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  1. I am also one of the chosen few ( manitance layoff , contractor ) all i can say is i enjoyed working there , they always treated me fair , the aircraft ( i only know the med side ) were well maintained and the crews were great to work with , and managment was great to deal with always an open door policy , training was good and up to date , pay was average but for the most part you always had work , and in the end my T4 always was good at the end of the year . going to miss working for big blue , but as always 1 door closes and 2 open
  2. When I original started this post , I was unsure of what had happened (accident ,sickness etc..) but I assumed it was bad . Sitting in the jungle in South America did not leave me a lot of options and I did not want to call Trish as this would be a hard time for her .So i went to this forum (that would be why the PM ). Mike will be missed , I still see his smiling face when we were working in Oz Dave P
  3. Does any one know what happened with Mike ??? If you do Please send me a PM , we worked together down in OZ on 412 a few years back
  4. 1 disconnect at fcu ,extra spring pressure, isolate the systems 2 check your gear mesh , probably to tight , pilot or copilot side 3 how is the cushion , ladder position 4 any brg's binding 5 when was the last time the colective was apart , crap under the grip just my 2 cents PS checked the 212 here and other then spring pressure from the fcu there is no friction
  5. you can use aeroshell 8 the pn from eurocopter may be air 4206b ( its old, from my notes) If you call Bill Reid at eurocopter ( van) he should be able to help you.
  6. We have been using them (vhf's) in a 205 since 1996 only 2 removals both due to water leaky battery door got the pwr. supplys they are 12volt with a 12-24 converter.
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