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  1. Hi flythenumbers: Yup, we need more posters, this forum should be far more busy. As to your tounge in cheek reference to doing check outs and Transport Canada, the truth is that I do not even need a pilot license period to teach licensed pilots flying skills upgrading. I could fly as a "consultant" as long as the pilot I am "consulting" with has a license appliccable to the class being flown. This is exactly what I plan on doing, I will be starting a skills upgrading flight training business very soon without all the hassel of the FTU-OC requirements. Transport Canada
  2. It has been some years since I have flown for a Commercial Operation here in Canada so my exposure to ramp checks are limited. I was talking to a friend today who flys commercially and he was telling me he has been ramp checked three times this year by the same TC people and flying the same airplane.( I believe the three checks were at the same airoport as well.) So here is my question. By law we must show the required documents on demand by a TC inspector, a RCMP or a Immigration and Custome person, I believe. Outside of showing the required documents what does everyone el
  3. More senior? Depends... Who do you think has the most control over flight operations?
  4. Wridon: Very good post. I would like to make some comments on what you wrote. I agree that TC has added more and more to the PPL course which can add to the instructional time, two you mentioned would be better taken out of the course. First: The five hours of instrument training is in my opinion detrimental to safety, how can you have instructors with no idea whatsoever about instrument flying teach instrument flying to a private student. All this does is expose the ignorant to the false impression that they can fly themselves out of an inadvertent loss of outsi
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