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  1. Hmmm If a guy didnt know better he would think that TC had issues providing uniform interpretation and enforcement of regulations across different regions.. Its not all bad R22Capt, the Arriel is a much better engine in the 76 than the Allison.
  2. The ANR debate gets thrown around a lot on the fixed wing forums (www.Avcanada.ca) if your looking for lots of debate from both sides. I used ANR (Bose X headset) for about 3 months in the SK76, after 2 years of flying it without. The Bose was quieter, without a doubt. And no, it does not drown out any of the noises you've grown to love/ count on. I could still hear the compressors change pitch, inverters come online and everything else. All it does is make the high pitch of the compressors slightly quieter. Except that it didn't actually make anything quieter. If you read the forums
  3. ORNGE has had open postings for FOs and Captains at half of its bases for the last year or more. It appears the only way to get hired there is to have a pulse.
  4. Let's not forget the part of the report where the NTSB describes how NEITHER one of them was flying the aircraft at the time of the accident. The aircraft was being flown by the autopilot while both of them sat on their hands and chatted with each other about 1.) how they were both being underpaid for how awesome a pilot they were, and 2.) how neither one of them had ever seen icing conditions as bad as the conditions they were in AT THAT EXACT MOMENT. Neither one of them bothered at any point to check and see what the robot was doing. The aircraft was picking up a ton of ice and pitc
  5. Once you add the 20th seat the helicopter becomes 705 and has to play by airline rules. The CAR that he posted is the only one you need. You can get an exemption to run a heli with 20+ seats under 704 rather than 705 from Transport, but they will still make you carry an FA.
  6. Another option to make your life slightly easier to to have labela printed up for when you remove or re-enter the door so you don't have to acctually write "doors required to be removed for ops.. Doors removed new wieght is X new c of g is Y and Z ". And then just slap that in the book when you take them off. I guess it would depend on which combos of doors you have off, but since the numbers won't change it can make It go a little quicker when customers are staring at you.
  7. I'll begin this topic by stating that I have ZERO hours of first hand long line experience, only some seat meat time in a 214 watching people who know what they're doing do it. I'll apologize in advance for asking what might be stupid questions. The TSB has released their report on the tail rotor drive failure of a 214 involved in heli-logging operations in 2007 http://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/aviation/2007/a07p0209/a07p0209.asp I've read a few TSB reports that always come back to hit on how the pilot should have been wearing his should straps in order to inc
  8. Lets see what we know 1.) the tail boom fell, or broke, off. It's probably an AW139.
  9. Perhaps some enterprising soul could invent a camera mounted on the fuselage or tail (with some serious vibration dampening mounts no doubt) If the technology can exist to put it on the back of a minivan perhaps a nice wide angle camera pointed at the tail might help. I'm not saying it should replace proper situational awareness, and no one is arguing the merits of turning the aircraft about the tail rather then mast. But maybe, just maybe, it might help. I also think MMike is right about mirrors, maybe the 76 needs mirrors. **** if you were really crazy you could mount 'em on a spring hi
  10. I'm just an infant in this business, but I'm willing to bet that Icefield isn't the first company in the history of Canadian Rotary aviation to ask a guy to pay for his first job. If they are they certainly didn't invent it, they stole the idea from more fixed wing companies then any one person can name, up to and including companies that fly Airbus A320's (not to mention Canadian "airlines" like JetsGo) I've gotten 3 endorsements out of my employer, including a medium and a 61. Never paid them a dime, I signed a paper saying I would stick around for 18 months for the medium and the 61 en
  11. Have many of the current CHL crew been contacted as a result of ORGNE's recent posting? Has anyone?
  12. YXD would go the way of Meigs field if some people had their way, sadly.
  13. http://www.avcanada.ca/forums2/viewtopic.p...=54&t=65575 JTF2
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