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  1. Yes Ultra's hangar was just east of Grimshaw, there's a trucking company running out of there now.. Valley B is still operating out of Manning.
  2. Rene closed Ultra over a decade ago. I helped load the last two Jet Rangers C-GBPB, and C-FALE on trailers. BPB went to a Christian Flight school in Three Hills and ALE went out east to spray. We had a really good crew there it was sad to see it shut down.
  3. After a few of idiotic placement of things I've had to deal with this week I won't disagree 🤔.
  4. To add to Heliian's post, On the fixed wing side no type course is required from turbine powered aircraft unless they are transport category. This is why those old time fix wing inspectors get confused. So if you were to switch over to a fixed wing company running King Airs and Beech 1900s not operated in 705, as long as the company's MPM and PRM are satisfied that you are competent enough to sign out a King Air or 1900 you can be ACA'd with no type course. Even though they are more complicated aircraft then your basic Bell or Airbus Helicopters. Not sure I like it but that's the way
  5. FYI for those of you working in the States, hears a thread about the FCC taking action against a retailer selling Baofengs. Industry Canada could easily take similar actions up here as those radio break so many of the certification requirements for operation on commercial frequencies. Now will they? Probably not as their budget has been cut back even more then TC's. DrkRider
  6. It may not be a flight or engine control but it should be added to each company's Critical Task List which would make it a required dual. DrkRider
  7. You could look at as two years of employment, they are less likely to get rid of you if they have that investment in you. DR
  8. Got the notice too. I know a lot of TC inspectors who purchase CARs Deluxe then expense it to TC. All the data is public domain so I can't see why some TC Manager would have an issue with it. Sean
  9. Years ago a Ft. Mac Town Councillor bought a house in Saprea Creek off the end of the runway then proceeded to start a petition to have the airport moved. The airport manager at the time said "Sure we'll move the airport where ever you want, you give us a chunk of land and 150 million and we'll get right on it" that pretty much ended the discussion right there.
  10. From my understanding most urban police forces could get away with an R44 or R66 "Law Enforcement" model, a little noisier then the EC120 / EC135 but millions cheaper to buy and operate. Sean
  11. I'm positive that a POC is required. Also remember these are the types the commercial operators are competing against and the customers judge the whole industry by these guys who aren't even remotely doing things the safe an correct way. DrkRider
  12. There's an AD concerning the head rests (CF-91-29R1)on the 4 man seat that requires that you check that the quick pins and head rests do indeed quickly move / remove in case of an accident. I've always made sure the top of the net is undone and folded down when we have have passengers just in case they need out in a hurray through the front. Sean
  13. We had Paravion heaters at the last company I worked at. the defog / demister seemed to work well. Sean
  14. Well officially Fire Season starts March 1st in Alberta but considering there's still 3 feet of snow in the bush, I think it will be a little later when things kick off.
  15. Very sad news, my condolences to the family, and friends effected by this accident. Sean
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