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  1. As we're heading back into winter and in some places already full on experiencing winter. I thought I'd throw out a line and see if there are some stories or words of wisdom regarding icing conditions.
  2. I would say the "What If's" are the things I keep in the back of my mind. The book, "Fate is the Hunter" stimulates some interesting thoughts. Not a bad read if your looking for a new book. Anyways, I've always kinda figured that if the enjoyment of roaring around this amazing country we live in was taken over by fears of what could happen, I had better start looking for something else to do. The times I do feel nervousness and or fear coming on reminds me to perhaps pay more respect to what I've been so priviledged to be able to do, as well as to wonder if the spidy senses are tingling to wak
  3. AHhh, the good ol' vertical forums. I don't post often enough but i sure do enjoy reading em' Thank you very much everyone for some more insight. 4961......that's an awesome list of rules to live by. I've printed them off and put em into circulation in the hanger. Thanks for taking the time to write that up. This forum is a great place for these kinds of inquiries. This topic of conversation started more out of interest than anything else. I like everyone else out there has either jumped or been pushed into the deep end of the pool a few times. Maybe now I've learned to start asking quest
  4. Good day folks, I'm wanting to listen to any ideas, tips and advice from all of you who have had any time flying on heli-ski operations. As well, what ya'll think is /are the best aircraft for this work? Take er easy, and if you can't take er easy....tie er up! Thanks, Curley
  5. While slinging gear into fallers in 200+ ft timber, a sea of green! The fella on the ground calls out over the radio...."yup, your off my 3 o' clock now"! .......Yeah, thanks tips. Or working on a fire with a BCFS unit crew...."I'm in a clearing with a red shirt on"??????
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