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  1. That backfired. Now I remember why I stopped hanging around these Forums .....
  2. Looking for comments on what operators are putting into place for flight crews. Say Forestry calls us out on a fire - How are we going to protect ourselves... Tiger is selling the NIOSH mask which might be a good idea to have. But I'm not sure if the filtering they talk about is even protective. Hearing that operators are deeming themselves Essential Services only these days, while others are open for business as usual. So what you guys doing if the phone rings....
  3. I need to program in all the BC and Alberta FM freq.'s Looking for the software and programming cable. Be a Bonus if someone had a template for the the above.... Thanks in Advance
  4. Anyone with experience CHIRP programming this little gem of a Radio. Better yet, anyone have a CHIRP Radio template with all BC working Forestry simplex/duplex, Road channels and any additional channels of interest / Relevance. Thanks in Advance
  5. Just received this notice .... What on earth compelled Transport to ix-nay a "Great" product... Dear Colleague, For the past 16 years we have had the privilege of providing the Canadian aviation industry with our CARs Deluxe product. Unfortunately, as a result of a decision by Transport Canada's Director General, Aviation Safety Regulatory Framework and affirmed by the current Minister of Transport, we regret to inform you that we have no choice but to cease production of CARs Deluxe. In order to facilitate your transition to the Transport Canada website, the last
  6. Thought you may enjoy this golf ball drop I did awhile back. We've done dozen's, but abandoned it. The problem wasn't from the airshow side, it's the bit of remaining 1,000ft above the highest obstacle within 500ft. of the aircraft. Ah yes, the old Assembly of persons bit 602.14(2) Aeronautics act $3,700 bucks later, that was it. And remember pictures on social media are used in TC investigations, along with Webtrak if applicable to your area.
  7. Robottxt - Interesting handle.. We are all aware of spreadsheets and DropBox and a good idea. Anybody have a spreadsheet that tracks Flight Time, Duty Time, Rest Periods, Days off, and Days off due next. I'm looking for a Company wide solution that all my pilots can populate daily and I can review from time to time ensuring compliance with CARS.
  8. Just checked their website, can you configure CARS limitations into the tracking piece. Also wondering if they offer Company level where the CP can track / audit their flight crews for compliance. Thanks R0t0r
  9. What's everyone using these days? FDXLS has pretty much run it's course for me old program that wont run on my machine. What's a good cloud based solution or is there one that tracks all the trackable pieces, even allowing you to use Ops Spec exceptions. Cheers
  10. So sad ... heart goes out to everyone Family's, and Bailey. Fly safe folks, a time to reflect.....
  11. Anybody working with the Pointer ELT 406? Curious how it stacks up, and the $$ to buy
  12. Time to upgrade another ELT. Looking for some feedback as to which manufacturer you folks would recommend. We are not having much luck on the annual from our Kannad 406AF-H, $300+ to fix it the last time. Understand there are issues with Kannad placement in the Bell206. Comments ... Thinking the Artex ME406HM may be a better choice. Appreciate any and all Feedback. Thanks
  13. I had the good fortune to write them all in 2011. Get your hands on a copy of CARS Deluxe http://airregulations.com/canadian_aviation_regulations/intro.html A great resource to study with and to use regularly going forward. When you get your copy, you want to spend the time and figure out how the search functions work, bookmarks, highlighter - very powerful program if you learn how to use it. Also if you're writing the PRM, a resource that literally saved my bacon is to get a copy of CARS for the AME http://www.carsfortheame.com/ A MUST have. Here's a reward for reading this post
  14. Contacted them and they are not taking on any new clients. They did however recommend we take a look at TData.com Anybody have an experience with them? So still no solution or magic bullet yet.... WinAir - Expensive especially if you buy MP's Templates which really is a must have. You can lease the program that gets the $$ down. Calm Air - Their demo freezes my computer = Pass Aeronet - Looking at that one, holds promise. Anybody using it?? AMS - Too big, to expensive Airborne Data Systems - Again too rich $$, seems to have every option available to mank
  15. Heliian Thanks for the tip. Took a look at Winair and yes big $$. After reading through their material and talking by phone it lead me to MPlan. This company makes ATA Aircraft templates, but only work with Winair. Does anyone know of a company that makes up these aircraft ATA templates. Thinking this may solve my problem at least in part. Thanks
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