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  1. Might want to check your spelling before you say "special"
  2. there is a video of it crashing. loss of tail rotor authority is easy to see
  3. He isn't the only one rolling in his grave. I'm sure tim is as well knowing his hangar became a church.
  4. The keycopter works fine on a mac but is slow, slow on a pc as well. I bought parallels and the cds worked fine, but five months later they wanted 50$ for an upgrade so i deleted it . I have been working in a camp with crappy internet and am basically using the dunstin notes for trouble shooting and using the DOM for part numbers . Eurocopter hasn't made things easier thats for sure .
  5. Is aero ads charging money or something these days? Its a pretty quiet site these days.
  6. eleven point five million per aircraft . Glad to see my tax dollars hard at work
  7. Yellowknife ?.............any where else ? more than enough said
  8. Must be true if helicopter jim says so
  9. I think ops mobil owns Abitibi as well
  10. geez i wonder if its Ops Mobil or ledcor.
  11. Only ever two finger drinks jimmy . Why count higher ?
  12. Isn't there a rule about 4 posts in a row by the same person?
  13. Engineers should be the only people allowed to shoot helicopters . Start a poll!
  14. Can't wait to see it in Canada in twenty five years from now .
  15. was wondering where you were helicopter jim
  16. Can't wait for him to get back from time off. Dishes are dirty, bathroom is filthy, almost out of coffee and cream, might even let him wash the helicopter.
  17. Worked with him in the last couple of years , should be a good one .
  18. file:///Users/gregbohonis/Desktop/Pilot%20just%20a%20tyke%20when%20he%20got%20hooked%20on%20helicopters.webarchive
  19. I did this with ben VH and checked out the performance charts and still had 2000lb of useable lift . The charts are accurate for this machine. miss you Ben
  20. loving this new security . keeps me off my porn sites
  21. A long time ago, a chap called Sang set up an Aces strobex to tune astar hammers in the hangar using a soft hammer and it worked very well. spot on to be excact . I'm just wondering if anybody knows how to set up the box for this procedure as it is minus 25 not including this wind chill effect.
  22. The tail rotor assembly is around seventy pounds and would cause c of g problem I'm guessing . Who knows ,it might of had a new style rotor design on it as well .
  23. Probably Mustang buying VIH vfr division would be my guess
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