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  1. Yep, You could be working on fire down under and not understand a single word that is spoken on the radio!!!
  2. Get a good set of work boots and kick your instructor in the "Nads" for nearly killing you at hour 5.... You should have been hanging around the infield with the weather as crappppppy as it was. If nothing else you have learned the lesson about being embarrassed about landing somewhere and having someone come and get you.... or be embarrassed about crashing on the highway and causing nothing but grief for the company that you work for, OH... and maybe killing someone!! Glad everyone made it out and I am sure it was learning experience for all.....
  3. The new B3's are coming off the line with the dual hydraulics and the dual decu......
  4. All Cram is in the latest Vertical Mag... nice beard?? He is now flying for CHC in in beautiful Bangladesh!! Dave Fergeson left VIH and is now with Bell in Mirabel..
  5. You can see in the video that he moved from being on the top of the demarcation line of the air flow at the top of the ridge and into the downflow portion. He would have needed JATO to get that dog to climb. STAY IN THE GOOD AIR AND YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO TEST THE ROLL OVER ABILITY OF YOUR SHIP!!
  6. KO is training at Chinnok for Cathy Press. If you want a 206 endorsement or some mnt. time give him a call....... :shock:
  7. Relax. Non Commercial lasers that are used for this type of aviation harassment have a very wide beem at 1000 feet and a serious decrease in energy. The tests you guys are talking about are done in a lab, at 12 inches, in a stable environment for prologed time periods (5 min.). Try and hold a laser pen at at target 500 ft away and see how long you can keep within the size of an eyeball. You are most likely to see flashes in the cabin (green will always seem brighter due to the physiology of the eye). Now try that during the day when you can't see the beam. This is a night issue and limit
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