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    I would wait and see what next year is shaping up to look like in terms of the canadian economy before i pulled the trigger on training. As already stated above, also try and have some sort of plan in place for AFTER training in case you dont get hired etc etc.
  2. :shock: :shock: :shock: at least its in the states who really does this career without research :down: apparently quite a few...
  3. Nolan.

    Last Call.

    Ill chip my two cents in here. If you are planning to finish in May, then that's good. Just keep in mind that training can take longer than you think. The amount of no-fly days because of the weather this winter was incredible, and it also depends on how diligently you study. Plan for 6 months? But you already have your fixed wing background so some of the concepts wont require as much study. Just something to keep in mind however.
  4. Is the grapple as efficient as just having chokers hooked up to a bunch of predetermined logs? Looks like it could take a litle bit of work to get a good haul.
  5. yup. What they put in (which is usually good training), and what you decide to take out make the real difference.
  6. Just the day I move to the city as well, and it defintely didnt help my moms nerves either Great to hear that everyone was okay, in the end, thats really all that matters.
  7. This actually just brought up a quick question about how to record in the cockpit. Is there any kind of aviation audio recorder that one can hook up to the intercom to capture conversation b/w you and your instructor? A standard one would catch too much of the engine noise and therefore be useless.
  8. So apparently this is a loss of tail rotor effectiveness I dont even want to know the pucker factor on this Someone really want to go in depth to explain this annd i just realized the title makes no sense but im not a comp wizard so I wont (read: cant) change it http://www.helinews.com/video/CraneLTE2004.mov
  9. A little off topic here, but i remember a little while ago reading about airline pilots in the States (on their own money) could take a course for about a week and become eligible to carry handguns into the cockpit and enroute. Anything like this in Canada at all?
  10. besides stocks, those interested shoulde definetly check out the FOREX market..dealing with global currency
  11. Well, i guess ill kick it off here :up: It was a combination of those student loans (BCSAP and Canada Student Loans), money I have saved up since I was little, my own scrounging (most times, somtimes i caught myself slipping ) and saving for the past year doing a trade, and then being fortunate enough that my parents can help me out with a long term loan that i will pay back. That tuition still makes me sweat though.
  12. :shock: I wonder how much one of these things brand new to buy is? Sounds like it was a case of cutting a few corners ??
  13. Im guessing this would be aerial construction...:?
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