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  1. Very sad I am very sorry for those effected.
  2. Ive been using an ipad with foreflight since they added Canadian maps. Its great for most things but they have been stubbornly bad at implementing a decent crumb trail. It often doesnt work and cuts out, I think foreflight needs cell service to make a trail and even then it isnt very detailed. There is still no handy way to take a quick waypoint. Nothing like holding a hover over a target then using one hand to zoom in then hold a spot to make a point…. Moving multiple crews to multiple landing pads you have to zoom really far in on the map to get your points to show up if the
  3. I've often lusted after the Kiowa warrior as a jetranger guy. They are a c30 but it has a fadec. I'd hopet they wouldn't break down just as much as the 407 does which rains on that parade a little bit. Also a C30 without the front fuel tanks that a longranger has, wouldn't have the best range either. Better than a 530F though I'd imagine. I'd agree though that it sure looks like bell missed the mark with the 505. Much of the 206 flying that I do is wildlife surveys, foresters looking at trees or cutblocks, fire fighters looking at fires etc. All of those tasks the customers demand or pref
  4. "At the first flash of a chip detector..." I lost it
  5. Is it a fun machine or a work machine? If it was for fishing and having fun, I'd buy a 206LR.
  6. I have a barely legal 12 gauge "Dominion Arms Grizzly" with a telescopic stock that I carry when needed. Its cheap, so I don't care if it gets a bit beat up, and reliable. I do quite a bit of wildlife work, walking in on drugged bears and investigating dead animals and stuff so I bring it along often. Never had any problems flying on airlines with it. I like the largest buckshot I can find like 00 or 000 and 3 inch mag.
  7. Sad news. Did some training with Bob which I enjoyed. He always seemed to be trying to do something to improve our industry, despite being so successful in it himself. Condolances to those who were closer to him.
  8. Terrible news to wake up to. Very sorry for those effected, and a thank you to those who apparently braved the water to try to help.
  9. Ruedi was one of the worst exploiters of the TFW program. Was happy to see him gone. He would put up adds for pilots requiring 500 hours then if you emailed him he would reply saying it was 1000. Ec130 is a much better machine for tours and a bit quieter as well which should make all the locals happy.
  10. Most 12v usb adapters work fine with 24 volts (make sure of course) but ipads draw a lot of amps so you want to make sure its a higher amperage rated one. Its surprising how many of them don't even show what input voltages they require. I thought that was a requirement??? I'm using a random one I bought at london drugs but the one treetop posted above looks much better.
  11. Our machines have RAM mounts so I just got a ram cradle for mine and it just goes right where the old gps was.
  12. I disagree, I love foreflight and the ipad mini. I've been using for almost 15 months for bush work. Doors off at minus 30 can be a problem but that's my only issue. I use a different app if I need a visible track since they haven't implemented that yet but it will come. The .pdf document viewer in foreflight alone sells it but there is much more. CFS, Repeater map, flight manual, radio manuals etc all within reach with one hand much quicker to navigate if you need it. All the maps in Canada. always up to date. Much faster to enter way points manually using a touch screen then scrolling th
  13. I've been using an ipad with foreflight for a year now. I originally planned on buying an external gps receiver, but after a year of use without losing receptions flying in the mountains in all types of weather conditions I have decided not to bother. 5m accuracy is good enough for me. I am kind of interested in those ADS-B receivers but I haven't really looked into them yet.
  14. Perhaps if you remove this restraining bolt I can lift it...
  15. Incoming thread derailment! I have no problem with our boys getting some real target practice on the members of ISIL. These are some pretty horrible individuals as we've been reminded again this weekend and to allow them to accomplish their goals would be to have one mega large fundamentalist state, that wants nothing more than to kill anyone who doesn't drink their coolaid. We aren't the ones paying the price in this war so far, (aside from some tax dollars) its the Kurdish men and woman and Free Syrians paying the real price against these monsters. I think the whole "its someone
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