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  1. That is one tough bird ...umm both of them
  2. Radio-frequency identification http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RFID Big bother?
  3. Who would have thought ...thanks for reply's
  4. Can anyone see a cost ($) to apply for this. Other then the cost of the passport picture.
  5. Try this Bullet Remington. You might need to sign up, before you can start down loading. http://www.nordicpilots.com/index.php?opti...&Itemid=111 Great site.(not sure how long it will last ) I even gave him a little money, after I down loaded a few FMs. cheers
  6. Nice, ...there is two minutes of black at the end, did you mean to do that? freefall I guess you beat me to it
  7. http://www.journaldujura.ch/Nouvelles%20en...C3%A9gion/31485
  8. Steel spring leaf was added to the tail end of the skids as well. Shock absorption during autos. wow... I do remember a few things from ground school
  9. If you really want to get Security going, get a camera out and start taking pictures. :angry:
  10. Not sure this is what you are looking for but it might help http://www.icao.int/anb/ais/8643/index.cfm
  11. Here is another. http://www.landings.com/evird.acgi$pa...h_dist_apt.html
  12. The engine up front is pretty wild as well. There is a ton of info. Maybe give the R44 a run for its money. ...maybe not.
  13. Its kinda funny that most of the posts on this thread are, in some part about drinking.
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