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  1. We have a consultant who has set up a training course for us to introduce our QA program to new hires and has also guided us through our auditing procedures. Anyone who wants a contact name can PM me.
  2. I would be interested to know who they are.
  3. We repair parts as they time expire. We see the light aircraft sector has been farly stagnent with a small boost this summer. The medium & heavy market has performed more consistently due to NGO and Security hours flown around the world.
  4. Funny thing, We repair engine, component and Air Frame parts for O/H shops and operators. We are always looking for people with your type of training. For every 25 resumes we get 1 or 2 might be worth an interview. You might find your current trade might help you enter the Industry.
  5. I lived in Ancorage in the 80's. In a hot summer every mountain pass in the area would reveal misadventures of the past. The Alasakan Air Guard would take an Aircrane and salvage the remains.
  6. I wouldn't mind a job in Huatulco. I would knock off at 2pm and head to the golf course with a brief stop at The Tipsy Blowfish. Si Si.
  7. I had a look at the New forum. We are approached at least once a month by similar services. I liked the local focus of the actual forum that we used. I new many of the advertisers either personally or by Rep. and it was a good pulse checker of our Industry. I think we are loosing a unique resource. Tim
  8. Rocksteady- I totally understood your original comment and appreciated your sentiment. I am sure that when you are working on a fire line it is natural to look for some type of small blessing when a tragedy occurs. I think some blog readers are predisposed to make critical comments. Thanks for your on the ground perspective.
  9. I'm with Splitpin. If you want to see lame , read the blogs attached to any media outlet. All the comments are from Fat people sitting home in their underwear. They all think they should be a National reporter or commentater when most of them can't find their own winkies in the dark.
  10. One point on the cost side. Repairs and O/Hs on Eurocopters are very expensive because of the tightly contolled access to information from the OEM. Compare any accs. or other basic repair on a Bell or MD product to the equivalent an AS350. Also look for shops in your area that can perform simple repairs on these A/C. You will have a broader selection of vendors on most repairs or even part exchanges on North American A/C.
  11. I don't think you could have been in our Industry in Western Canada and not have known Howie. He always had a quick remark for anyone who was too full of themselves and his laugh could be heard at many evening gatherings. If you mentioned Howie at the South Airport YVR everyone knew who you were talking about.
  12. I heard a story of a bear corpse being long lined out of a camp and the pilot creating a dancing bear balet on his way to dump it in the swamp.
  13. We used to know someone was getting fired when we heard the sound of a C30 hitting the floor at a certain Engine shop back in the day. The only thing I ever was lost was a bit of self respect at the Sumas Inn in Port Alberni.
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