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  1. There is an operator who is next to inter-excel in Sept-Iles lower than the rates you post Freewheel and for a B2 and no positionning fees as well. I think just looking was right...so dont bash about inter or another one....its the way it goes now in east.
  2. its worst than hts....its gonna be a TFW contract!!
  3. maybe he had a phone call from a lawyer firm....
  4. :punk: :up: ok now...i have to say that i totally agree with you! especially when you say :"regardless of where you are located". We live in the same country but we dont speak same language....but, we can still work together to make this industry better for all of us....AME or pilots.
  5. i was talking only about you baby...and for my spelling....i dont care...but i can speak french and english.... so get lost and take care!! I really enjoy reading your post....
  6. ok ok ok...i see now....there is a cure for that kind of illness....they call it S E X....so find a hooker somewhere in your area....i suggest you a chinesse one...they are used to deal with small c0ck like you and you will se a big difference in your attitude when you woke up the next morning....you will be happy and you will enjoy life again!! dont forget viagra!!! BTW...if you dont speak english....do you think you can go for work for ASRD? I dont think... So i guess this is the same thing here in quebec, with the difference that we can speak french and english so we can go work al
  7. you know what?...with your attitude...thats why you dont have a job....in french....té rien qu'un ostie de trou du cul!!
  8. there is alway a topic like that at that time of the year!! if they freeze work permit, there will be a few company here in quebec unable to respect their contract....they hire foreigner pilot willing to pay to do the job....so that way they can get all the contract at low rates.
  9. yeap......19000 hrs but she's flying 200 hrs per year in james bay so.....
  10. doesn't worth 409$!!....look like crap in the pics. BTW....nice free ads.....lol
  11. tu fais des fautes le gros!! :boff: :afro: :oops: :bleh: :off:
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