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  1. trying to figure out who this might be... flew out of langley for a few years and am hoping the pilot is ok... i googled images c-gjup and got many pictures of breasts... some nice, some not so much... but no helicopters... just titties... anyways... if you could shoot me a pm if you know who the pilot may be... cheers! rts
  2. I would also like to get ahold of him. last i heard he went back to croman again after prism... pm me if waldo's whereabouts is located
  3. couldnt agree more... if money isnt an issue this school is the most recognised for top shelf training
  4. I bought my LH250 from acro helipro in langley a few years back... I like how it isnt as bulky, the dual lens is great, i opted for the low viz lens which really helps with contrast when weather is typical on the coast. RTS
  5. I'm still quite fresh but from what ive seen in the industry... the recession didn't really hit bc until this year, so i'm guessing it will lag in recovery... It's hard to say if there is a common wave of recovery when the industry is only 50 years old and there has only been one real recession in the early 80's to compare to... So in my opinion, people say the economy is on the slow upswing but we have passed the lowpoint and our industry should shortly follow as the helicopter is a vital workhorse. rts
  6. glad the pilot is ok at least... does anyone know if it was a visual reference problem? glassy water? or did something go wrong with the bird?
  7. i think a 530f for seismic is a good idea... economic times call for cheaper machines ...i know guardian does seismic with their machine, so it can be done... plus MD's are also fun as **** to fly... as long as you dont have 2 grown men spoonig you while you are flying in that tight front seat :up:
  8. i had heard this as well.... anyone hear what happened?? everyone ok? couldnt operate on one engine?
  9. personally i am a hippy at heart and grew up on an organic farm... I have refused a pesticide application job... i have also been involved in some logging operations, i dont feel too bad about it because it is a fully sustainable resource... burning the fuel to do the job is the only personal guilt i have... what upsets me more than anything is the redneck attitude out there with the guys doing the job... i walk around the cutblock when i land to take a whizz or catch some fresh air and there is garbage and empty spray cans all over the place, i just dont understand how u can throw garbage on
  10. yeah... i always thought that was igor sikorsky too.. but u guys seem to know a little more detail than i do... none the less what a lucky mofo rts
  11. Personally i think buying a helmet is a good idea... i have known of a few cases where they have saved a life... as far as slinging out of an astar goes, im not too sure how much of an inconvenience it would be... i use a gallet myself and like how light it is and the dual visors are good for sunny days or low vis, the hush kit seems to do the trick as well... but you definetly pay the price if u want to go with the full shabang on the gallet... retail hits almost 3 grand on the button... that was over a year ago.. im not sure if the prices have gone down at all since... i got mine from acro h
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